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Recent Updates:
April 13, 2009: Battlestar Galactica space combat rules using GZG Full Thrust/Fleet Book 1 and 2 rules.
February 8, 2006: 1970s and 1990s French forces update for Auftragstaktik
October 19, 2005: 1970s Soviet and 1990s Russian forces update for Auftragstaktik
October 10, 2005: Danish forces for Auftragstaktik



Modern-era grand tactical land combat miniatures rules, with an emphasis on command and control and doctrinal differences between late 20th/early 21st century armies.

Auftragstaktik Main Rules

Auftragstaktik Data Files:
China | Denmark | France | Germany | Great Britain | Israel | Soviet Union/Russia | Sweden | United States (Army)


Boots, Tracks, and Rotors: Modern-era operational-level land and air combat rule system, similar in scale and scope to, and inspired by, Victory Games Gulf Strike/Aegean Strike games, whose components, including maps and counters, are compatible with this set of rules. Naval modules and a WW2 variant are under development, as are dedicated BT&R maps, counters, and markers.
        Main Rules: Basic and Advanced/Optional Rules .
        Detailed Sequence of Play: Expanded turn sequence chart.

Emcon C: Naval companion rules to BT&R, simulating large-scale modern-era naval operations.

        Unit Rating Methodology: Rules for deriving game statistics for modern-era ground, air, and naval units for BT&R and Emcon C.

BT&R and Emcon C Unit Data, 1990-2010
| Russia

BT&R and Emcon C Unit Data, 1980s
        Ground Forces, NATO Central Front, 1980s: Unit ratings for most significant NATO and Warsaw Pact land and air units.
        Air Units, NATO and Warsaw Pact, 1980s: Unit ratings of key land- and carrier-based air units.
        NATO and Warsaw Pact Naval Units: Ratings of most important warship classes of the 1980s.

BT&R Orders of Battle:
Air Units, NATO, Warsaw Pact, and Neutral States, 1980s
(by Peter Grining)


Corpen 18: WWII Surface Naval Combat Game.
         Corpen 18 Fleet Database:
Statistics for 93 classes of WWII-era warships from 18 countries, fleet quality ratings, and ship
         rating methodology.
         Corpen 18: Steel Dreams:
Statistics for several never-built warship designs of the WWII era.

Corpen: 1889
: Naval combat in the late 19th Century. A game inspired by the Ironclads and Ether Flyers supplement for GDW's Space: 1889 RPG, and based on Corpen 18 system.
          Corpen: 1889 Fleet Database
: Statistics for 56 classes of ironclad-era warships from 13 countries, fleet quality ratings, and ship
          rating methodology.                     


Sol Cruiser
: Sci-fi space combat rules with vector movement, inspired by GDW's 2300AD RPG.
        Fleet book       
        Ship design rules
        Sol Cruiser Ship Design Spreadsheet
(courtesy of Mr. Jean-Francois Moyen).


Boots, Tracks, and Hoverskirts: Operational-level wargame for the 2300AD game universe, the forerunner to the Boots, Tracks, and Rotors system.



Russian Tank Troop Sleeve Patch

DISCLAIMER:Command Decision is a trademark of Frank Chadwick

Groupe Franc de Cavalerie: improvised French armored unit of the final weeks of the 1940 campaign.

Prelude to Blitzkrieg: 1920s-era actual and notional divisional organizations of the Reichswehr, the Wehrmacht's predecessor.

7e Division Mecanique Rapide
: an early post-WW2 French rapid reaction unit that participated in Algeria and Suez fighting in the 1950s and served as a testbed for innovations in French land battle doctrine.

Poland's 6th Airborne, 1957-2002: A brief history and Command Decision treatment of the post-war Polish airborne unit through its evolution from 6th Pomeranian Airborne Division to 6th Assault Landing Brigade.

Modern Data Files by Bob Mackenzie, posted here with his permission. Excel and rtf formats, zipped. Included are comprehensive modern vehicle and weapon charts, new rule variants, etc.

Armed Forces of Russia and the CIS
Russian Battalion TO&Es, 1990s-2000s:
Command Decision orders of battle for Russian tank and motor rifle battalions in the post-Soviet era.

Tajik 1st Rapid Reaction Special Purpose Brigade:
A brief look at a fairly representative Central Asian "elite" military unit.

Russian Naval Infantry in the 1990s: Changes and developments in one of the elite branches of the Russian military that bore much of the brunt of the fighting in Chechnya.

General Organizational Trends: Overview of Russian TO&E changes since 1991.

Vehicle Data: CD stats for newest Russian military vehicles.

Fall Weiss/25 "Bathtub" Campaign:
The 1939 Polish Campaign for Command Decision, with terrain and orders of battle reduced by a factor of 25.
Polish Order of Battle | German Order of Battle | Campaign Rules


Plesetsk Space Launch Facility Patch

DISCLAIMER:This item is not authorized or endorsed by Far Future Enterprises. and is used without permission. The item is for personal use only. Any use of FFE copyrighted material or trademarks on this site should not be viewed as a challenge to those copyrights or trademarks. 

Star Cruiser Lite: Heavily reworked Full Thrust rules adapted to 2300AD space combat. New turn sequence, movement systems, detection rules, crew quality rules.Also contains ship conversion rules and selected ship conversions: Star Cruiser Ships, Semi-Official Designs, Player-designed ShipsMissiles, and  Keith Plymale's Ships of the French Arm and Kafer Sourcebook Conversions

Russia in 2300AD: Political and economic situation, national goals, military posture, ship designs, etc.
     Voyenno-Kosmicheskiye Sily Rossii : description of Russian Space Forces in 2300AD
     Novik DDG: The mainstay of Russian Space Forces.
     Ship Status Sheets for all 3 variants in gif format,  zipped,  courtesy of Kevin Clark.
Shkval: A replacement for the Silka
     Russian Ground Forces: Background on Russia's Army in 2300AD
     BT-94B: Description of Russia's main battle tank, plus detailed guidelines for designing
     armored fighting vehicles for the 2300AD universe using GURPS Vehicles, 2nd Edition.

Dirtside:2300 : Adaptation of the Dirtside II sci-fi miniatures rules to the 2300AD universe.

Unofficial Advanced Star Cruiser Rules: Experimental house rules.


DISCLAIMER: Full Thrust,Dirtside,and Stargrunt are miniatures games designed by Jon Tuffley, and published by Ground Zero Games. They are available in North America from Geo-Hex.

Battlestar Galactica : Battlestar Galactica (new series) space combat rules using Full Thrust/Fleet Book 1 and 2 rules.

Dirtside:2300 : Adaptation of the Dirtside II sci-fi miniatures rules to the 2300AD universe.

Albedo to FT2/DS2 Conversion: Ships and vehicles from Steve Gallacci's comic book series converted into Full Thrust and Dirtside.

Star Cruiser Lite: Heavily reworked Full Thrust rules adapted to 2300AD space combat. New turn sequence, movement systems, detection rules, crew quality rules.Also contains ship conversion rules and selected ship conversions.






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