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The 7th Asian Airwing welcomes you!!

This Airwing officially came into existence on 27th September 1997 at the inaugural meeting on IRC by various members of the Airwing.

The more curious among you would probably be asking, 'So, what, really is the Asian Airwing?' Well, a more comprehensive explanation can be found by going here. The link will take you to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) where we hope to address your questions in more detail. For now, here's a brief outline on 'What exactly is the 7th Asian Airwing?'

What we are, is a group of fans of that simply amazing show, Space:Above and Beyond; wonderfully scripted and played out, yet sadly short-lived. What the Airwing is, is a unit, composed of various Asian squadrons and Asian fans of the show. It is formed primarily to allow fans from all over Asia to link up with one another and to provide a common meeting ground for fans across Asia.

Why so continent specific, you ask? Well, really, you should proceed to the FAQ at this stage! But again, in brief, Asia has been slow in getting the show. By the time the show was aired on terrestial television here, fan squadrons had been in existence all over the world. The response from Asia was slow in coming, but no less than expected.

Being new to the show and to the region, Asian fans had to turn to foreign squadrons in order to hold discussions and interactions with other S:AAB fans. While at such meetings, some contact was made with fans from the same region, and in some cases, from the same country. And so, the first Asian fan squadrons were born.

Despite it having ended it's run on terrestial television in most countries, S:AAB is still being aired on sattelite television. Thus, the show is still being kept alive out there, and still bringing in new fans of the show.

At the moment, there are 2 fan squadrons in the region: The 41st Wild Furies (Singapore) and the 88th Firebirds (Malaysia). We start with two, but in time, we hope that more will join us, as more squadrons are formed in the region. Thus, the formation of the Asian Airwing.

As fans from the region join the Airwing, we hope that it will serve as a meeting ground for them to get in contact with fans from their own part of the region, to serve as an impetous to form their own national squadrons. The Asian Ariwing is simply the umbrella under which the squadrons will unite… are you sure that you don't want to drop by our FAQ?!

Well, I'm afraid you are going to have to anyway, because this is about as brief as we are going to get.

Remember to wear your helmet at all times, keep your eyes peeled and your ears sharp and check your six! These pages are still under construction so, please do not get too much of a shock if you find yourself sucked into a black hole. Remember, in space, no one can hear you scream! We will try to patch things up as best we can. But some things might be lacking for now.

The table on the left tells you what you might find in each of the pages that the buttons will lead to. The buttons will take you where you want to go... hopefully! Clicking on Homebase will take you back here should you get lost.

Do try to enjoy your visit though, and please come back soon to see if everything's finally ship shape, and for further updates on the 7th Asian Airwing.

Space:Above and Beyond and it's related characters are all the property of Glen Morgan and James Wong, Hard Eight Productions and Fox Broadcasting. This was all done for the enjoyment of fans and no copyright infringement is intended.

This S:AAB Ring site is created and maintained on behalf of the 7th Asian Airwing by
Sparhawk (88th Firebirds).

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Created: 30 October 1997

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