This page will be dedicated to a lot of things.  One of which is Amber RPG.  Check back for more updates.  If you would like some links try the golden Circle at the bottom for Amber RP

An update!  I redid the layout, working on redoing induvidual pages.
I haven't updated this site in awhile.  I'll gonna get around to it soon though

Some short descriptions of the information on my site:
Amber: This is spectacular RPG(Role Playing Game) that enters into the unseen realms of diceless interactions.  A world as rich in character as I have ever seen.  Check this on out if you have never seen a dicless RPG or crave the excitement of a game based on strategy not luck.
Rifts: A very detailed game with a heavy emphasis on the interaction between technology and wizardry.  A vast magic system wit hundreds of spells.  Large Robot vehicles, and small poewer armor are just some of the hundreds of vehicles included in this game.  If you like technology or magic, this is for you.
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