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If you don't know me then you wouldn't understand. Plus there is a password on it.



This part of my site has a lot of different stuff but it is mostly Simpsons pics and wav files


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Welcome to heart of the Empire!  

This web site has been built in order to honor the greatest motion picture ever made.....STAR WARS!!.

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Matt Dennis's Star Trek site


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June 17:  I have totaly changed my web page came up with a new name and new logo-----The first Star Wars prequel will have Samuel L. Jackson as part of the cast.  In one scene Samuel talks to yoda, in his younger years.  When he was asked what the movie was about he couldn't say because it is a closely gaurded secret.  Rick McCallum ,one of the people working on the 1st prequel, says there is still some shooting to do in late summer for three or four days.  Also many Star Wars fans are ,how shall I say it, pissed off that the first prequel is coming out May 1999 but what is even more angering is the 3rd prequel will be coming out 2005!

  The 1st Star Wars prequel is coming out May 1999 according to Star Wars insider magazine.  George Lucas said that there are going to be a lot of computer p-r2d2_3.jpg (15115 bytes)animations in the movie ,and that he would have to make up some new techniques like he did in the other movies.  He also said that the film will come out on the release date no matter what. George stated that he will start shooting Episodes II and III back to back January 2000 in Leavesden.  Rick McCallum asked, "As far as the prequel goes, when do you think we would see it come out on video."  George replied, "It's too hard to tell at this time. Business could change by then."

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