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Welcome to my page. It's not much yet. I hope to have fanfiction, fan art and tons of other stuff. Like many other Mighty Duck fans, I too have my own character. I've put up a few parts to her origin. Please send me anything you'd like posted, just keep it tasteful. Remember kids sometimes read this stuff. (And before anyone comments, yes I know I classify as a kid though I prefer hopelessly lost teenager.) I really need lots of art because I can't draw. Thanx a lot. Hope you come back and visit.

August 12th, 2002
Believe it or not, I am alive. I can't blieve it has been a almost a year since I last updated. Time flies I suppose. Actually, I was unable to work on this site because our computers at school don't allow us to access geocities and my personal computer didn't cooperate with geocities that well. I'd lose files all the time. I got so fed up, I stopped posting. But I'm back with a new computer, new ideas, and yes, the ending to Double Trouble, which will be posted in about two weeks, when my beta reader okays it all after corrections. I might even have a few other surprises for all of you, that is, if you still want it.


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