Trel'la's Lair

This is what I look, really!  Honest!

You wander, lost, in a dark and eerie forest. You discover a well-used path, and as it is the only guide you can see, you decide to follow it, wherever it may lead. You come to a place where the trees grow so close together, and the branches so intertwined, someone could use it for a comfortable shelter and residence. In fact, the place is occupied, for a feline furry, an Ocelot, steps forth to greet you.

Spots and stripes grace hir cinnamon fur, and a slight smile broadens as shi sees shi has a visitor. Hir black-tipped tail flicks with pleased excitement. Shi speaks to you in a gentle, purring thrum. "An unexpected visitor! Don't worry, I don't bite my guests. At least, not often. I am Trel'la, and this (trumpet flourish sound effect) is my Lair! Come on in! May I offer you some Iced Tea? Or maybe some seafood?

This just in! New World Awaiting now has a home at Furnation! And now...An American Catgirl in Nerima...a Ranma 1/2 fanfiction! Read and enjoy! I've been working some more on this, honest! I'll try to get more posted as soon as I can...of course, soon is a relative term, isn't it? But I already have a sequel in mind! And coming soon...maybe *too* soon...the FayreForrestt Fyles! Be warned!

This website was last revised on May 11, 1999. Hot dog!!!

My furry code? Oh, ummm...its FFOp3mCDH++M+P++R+T+++Wz+Shs++RLET~a+c+wd--?e++fh*i+psm#
Don't know what all that means? Visit the Furry Code page!

Any comments about this site? Please be gentle, it's my first time! E-mail me at the address below...

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