My Favorite Poets

My Favorite Poets

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Nikki Giovanni is quite possibly my favorite female poet. She has a way with words that I could only dream of possessing. Her poetry flows like liquid fudge, whether on a spoken word album, or straight off of the page. She's quite intense. My favorite poem of her's is I Wrote a Good Omlet

Langston Hughes is another remarkable Black poet. One of the first poems I ever read was The Negro Speaks of Rivers and it like-spoke to me in some weird way.

ee cummings is one wierd guy, but his poetry is also quite the bomb. I really enjoy it. Especially here lies little effie's head which is not only humorous-but well written.

Countee Cullen is yet another Harlem poet. I'm not super well read in his stuff, but his Yet I Marvel is really good.

Walt Whitman is perhaps the only transcendentalist I like. He's much better than Thoreau, and let's not even compare Emerson. He...well-He Sounds his barbaric yawp! What else can ya say?

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