Historical Jewelry

My knowledge is lethal 
like phlebitis
be all up in your head
like sinusitis
might even drop you like meningitis
you'll need a spinal tap
after hearin me rap
wax on wax off
my message is dope but you might scoff
at my delivery
my lyrical tom foolery
as i adorn you with historical jewelry
like the necklace from Titanic
these chains are gigantic
but we call them shackles
hear my maniacal cackle
as i raise the dead
and resurrect the past
James Byrd was not the last
In my crystal ball
i see more lynchings
no it's not a dream
you cannot stop this with your pinchings
merely inching
closer to the beam
but hear the screams 
of those 
who's blood has been spilled
carry the memory of those who were killed
for our freedom 
so how come
we dumb
and let it become
human rights
is the white
man's burden
you know you urban!
are we fulfilling our destiny
surely you're jesting me
now I'm testing thee
are you too blind to see
what they do to we
us must fight back
reclaim black
i mean black
like amiri baraka
like jomo kenyatta
not these nigga please
like ice t
and jay z
what they say to me
hoes and tricks
tricks and bitches
words like that 
used to warrant switches
but now it's common place
to be a spade and not an ace
why we can't be on TV without hiding our face
and one more thing that i can't figure
why we be callin us niggas
it's a word that's bigger
than you or me
it encompasses an entire history
we should rinse out with listerine
words like that have me blistering
and blustering
it's courage we must be mustering
to fight the good fight
do what's right
reclaim our blackness
take back the night
ignite a fire
that lights the way
to a better
brand new day.

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