Pavement Wails in a Small East Texas Town
Pavement Wails in a Small East Texas Town

Pavement wails 
A hideous death scream 
As tires screech
Across a muscular black torso
One arm lolls,
To nothingness
Reaching for a helping hand
A head rolls,
Across wailing pavement
And wild white mouths 
Echo screams of delight
Of madness
Pavement wails
As tire marks
Track blood
And the tale of a thousand lynchings
Across a grey void 
Marked with white
Dividing lines
Arms tattooed with 
Shift insanity into reverse
Running the legend
Of a thousand black bodies
On a thousand brown trees
Into wailing pavement

And the next day
Tranquillity is shattered
As the discovery of
One black arm
A severed black head-mouth open
In a hideous death scream on
Wailing pavement
Breaks the bubble of 
Disillusioned racial tolerance 
In a small East Texas town

And the next day
As the closed casket 
Blocks the view
Of this
The Honorable Rev. Jesse Jackson
Spews his pre-written eulogy 
For every racial act of violence
He chokes whispers
About the beheaded dearmed man
He was somebody…

As each politically correct eye
Sheds a politically correct tear
For the death of racial justice 
In a small East Texas town
His mama wails like pavement
And his daddy stoically sobs

And still wild white mouths
Scream grins of delight
At the recollection of
The beheaded dearmed man
Beneath Goodyear tires

And pavement cries the tears
Of a child who won't be born
Because this man was beheaded 
And dearmed
In a small East Texas town



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