Policy Numbers
Policy Numbers

Policy number 1782934 states that:
A doctor may not leave the hospital building 
To assist another dying nigger on the street

Policy number 2104832 states that:
The only good nigger is a dead nigger

Policy 1782934 helps to perpetuate policy 2104832

Policy number 1790864 states that:
As my brother lay dying
Choking on his own vomit
The Cracker Jack doctor was 
Drinking coffee and of course
Staying within the parameters of policy 2104832
Figuring my nappy headed brother
Was better off dead

Policy number 7241392 states that:
 The hospital that kills niggers helps the world

Policy number 040679 states that:
Nigger lovers may only visit 
In the wee hours of the night

Policy 198727 states that:
Hospitals are segregated in a most
Inconspicuous way

My policy states that:
We shall desegregate
They will pay punitive damages
To our race
Our pride
And our countless dead black boys
Their policies will go up in smoke
Like the bodies of so many black ghosts from the past
Their policies will slim down to nothingness 
As we starve those who seek to destroy us
The doctor who killed my brother
Will drag his shackles to his coffeeless cell
And will be haunted by nappy haired dust bunnies who 
Call him murderer in the night
Because HMO does not stand for
Hate Mongers Organization
Red Cross will become 
Blue Shield will become
And we will 



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