Breath Is To Life
Breath is to Life

Jazz is to Black
What sitting Shiva is to Jews
Mourning lost
Celebrating life
Like Hebraic chants
We jangle tapestries
Of syncopation
Merrimental sentiment
Of sadness
Gladness yes
But less than
The loss
Of the soft hands of a lover
Who found another other
To fill the nights
So you tickle the Ivories
To forget your plight
Bang a drum to make things right
Maybe serenade
A serephenic
The discovery
Of what you thought you had once
And really just found
Fiddle bass pounds
A riff
To mourn the rift
Mood indigo boards the A train
With Coltrane
And the elegance of Ellington wailing
All aboard 
This musical bordello
Banjo's mixed with cellos
Shakers flappers and their fellows
Whispered hello's
On a dance floor
Where bodies meet
In rhythms sweet
Embrace of crescendo
Like mellow gold
Jazz is to Black
What breath is to life


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