Infectious Knowledge Grooves
Infectious Knowledge Grooves

Close your eyes
Open your ears
And mind
While I drop bombs
Like a pusher drops dimes
I'll take my time
And try to rhyme
Some history
Without hysteria
Spread knowledge like malaria
Am I scarin' ya?
Listen up 
Listen good
Cuz these are things
All young black minds should
Know like
The difference between spades and bridge
Bridgin' gaps like
David Letterman
You couldn't find a better man
To get up 
Stand up 
For our rights
Huey P knew tons on how to fight
Am I right?
Are you sick of this
Teetering on an amnesiac precipice
Lies spreading like syphilis
Through the Tuskeegee Institution
Venereal Pollution
The solution
Is not a condom
But abstinence
They can't get ya 
If ya
Protect your neck
Keep your shit in check
Steer clear like in a car wreck
But heck
Who am I to say
Who y'all can lay
But before ya plant a seed
You best be ready to stay
For the harvest
Of the best
Fruits of women's labors
Ya can't be usin' your rod
Like a star wars light saber
Am I illin?
Naw like x-scape I'm chillin
So don't play me like a villain
Cuz I'm tellin the truth
I'm not a sayer of sooth
Or Dr. Ruth 
But like bugs bunny, 
I know what's up
Don't talk
Till you can drop
Some facts
On blacks
Other than Jordan
Or Shaq
Or Tupac
Bein dead I guess he ain't the Mac
But I ain't mad atcha
Just getcha self a book
Take a look 
Into the brook
That bubbles into the fountain of knowledge
Go to college
Learn your past
To aspire to your future
Mend the sutures
Of the rifts
Our forepimpdaddies
Tried to lift
Fore an aft
Rework the system
Like a surgeon works a skin graft
Don't laugh
And for Shango's sake
Don't perp
Cuz we know changin' the world
Takes a whole lotta work



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