Digestible Comestibles
Digestible Comestibles:

It has been said that
The angle 
Of the dangle
Is directly proportionate
To the heat of the beat
To those who seek it
The rhythm is week
Lettin rhymes flow
I'm a lyrical miracle
Put here to let you know
About the strife and injustice
Grief and plus this
Racist state 
And the basis of hate
As I relate
Tales of great
Who rose, fell, and then
Were put to legend
Because their stories had an end
Before they'd begun
Non-violent spiels were spun
Like cotton candy
From Martin and Medgar and Ghandi
Which is all fine and dandy
If you're handy
With an uzi
Cuz a cop with a club is a doozie
But lemme rewind
Cuz this is the time
When i bust my dope shit
To those who are fit
And capable 
Of handling my digestible comestible
Iambic pentameter
Like a landscaper i push parameters
Stretch your mind like taffy
Make ya duck like daffy
Cuz I'm crafty 
Like Samantha on bewitched
Take you on a trek and then i switch
One topic to another
Roll ideas like dice
Make you scratch your head
Like you got lice
Think twice
And then
Think again
About all that I've told ya
Cuz this is the end.

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