Welcome To My Page O' Angsty Hell!

Really It's a school project-so the Juicy stuff isn't on this page.

So, I go to Peabody High School aka The Body O' Pee, and I'm in CAS-or Centers for Advanced Studies(shyeah right) and we have to do this thing called an IEP. An IEP or Individualized Education Project is a fancy way of saying "let's waste 60 hours of our bright students precious time so they won't do drugs or have sex(smirk). I'm doing mine in english. It's this page. You see THEY think I'm a poet, so when it came time to do these atrocious projects-I figgered I'd play along fer a sec cuz this is easy right? But we won't tell THEM that now will we?
OK-I digress. On to the poetry...you see, to view a poem, you simply double click the mouse(that's the thing you're holding in your right hand-not a small furry rodent)on one of the following links (or all of them if you happen to be Ms. Monroe or Ms. Sweet)


Well, it's been a minute or two since i first did this page, and i thought, i'd keep that lil peice o history up above in tact, so that my teachers can continue to feel gushy at the remembrance of my smart ass self. being that i got an A on the project, and have since commenced and matriculated from said Body O Pee, i feel that i may now swear on this website, with no fear of repurcussions. yup. there will be new stuff up here soon, like by the end of November. it might not have all the pretty backgrounds and music (for those of you with midi players) but it'll have the words at least. the decor will come later, when i've had more time to surf (and snag other peoples backgrounds. :Ž) hee hee. i'm such a lil devil. ok. enough rambling. onto poetry.

Culture Seeps
Racial Epithet
One Size Fits All
My Game
Rhythm in Black and Blue
Garlic Cloves Swimming in a Pot
Naked Lunch With an inferiority Complex
Tripping on my Shoelace in the Vortex of my Soul
Blissfully Naļve
Hands of Betrayal
Ghetto Glam
What Fuzzy Zeller Said
Real Poets
This Was Gonna Be a Poem
Layer After Layer also known as The Obligatory Feministic Domestic Violence Rant
Padded Room With A View
Stoned Henge
Socio-Economic Refugee
I'm Fluent in Gibberish
Digestible Comestibles
They Play The Rhythm of Our Lives
Infectious Knowledge Grooves
Breath Is To Life
Policy Numbers
Pavement Wails In a Small East Texas Town
Historical Jewelry
I Have Not Told This Story


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