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Pawan Varma - 12/18/00 16:23:40
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Your website is truly wonderful. Thank you for taking the time to provide it. I will certainly take the time to review all parts of it as time permits. - Pawan

Nagendra S. Rao - 12/13/00 04:47:45
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Excellent web site on Hinduism and it loads very quickly as well. Regards, Nagendra

Joy - 12/09/00 22:25:32
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Preetha Krishnan - 11/28/00 18:29:24
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This website on Hindu Religion is simply 'Great'!!! It is a treasure for everyone who wants to know more about our religion.

Liz Bradley - 11/28/00 16:19:42
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I found this a very useful resource for teaching. I am a third year B.Ed student and needed information about hinduism for a project. Your website provided much informtion. I would only offer the suggestion that the names of the gods of explained clear r as i found it quite difficult to clarify them as not being a hindu myself. Thank you.

Pandit S. Maharaj - 11/05/00 07:15:04
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Namaskar,This is a great page for the young generation, and for most adults is usiong the information in my dharma classes.Keep the good work,and thank you. Namaskar.

Nandanie Shivrattan - 10/26/00 20:08:38
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This website enabled me to learn and research information about my own religion. Those who created this website should be very proud of themselves because you did a wonderful job.

Kusnumah Veerendra - 10/17/00 09:30:50
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Hari Sri Nivaasa, First of all I want to thank so much for this divine site. Usually I like to learn more about spirituality, culture, mantra and history. But as I could not read any oriental languages I thought that I must always rely on others to give me some mantras or ell me some interesting history about hindu religion. After visiting your site I was able to have nearly everything that I WISH TO. As I used to celebrate Navaraatri the katha and mantras from the navaraatri home page has been very useful to me. The site is very interesting and meaningful. I would like to have the puja vidhi for Venkateshwara please. MAY THE DIVINE BLESSING BE ALWAYS WITH YOU AND YUR FAMILY: HARII SRII NIVAASA

ramesh raghuvanshi - 10/11/00 17:06:02
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we sell various lucky articles purified by rituals for fulfilment of your desires by means of mysticworship and spells. they impart spiritual power to the devotees

rajesh - 10/01/00 18:21:44
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i love beening hindu. i even try doing pojas at home using the mantras that i have. uesing this web site will help me alot. i hope that my pronoceation is correct. my aim is to also come to india to fine a guru. our hiudu prayer has the best meaning and p wer thank you

knk menon - 09/30/00 14:49:21
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first time - just surfing - very interesting

k ranjan - 09/28/00 20:25:16
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great !!!!!

Raman - 09/16/00 00:29:23
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i would like to have all these puja in hindi,so that we can print it in our own language.

raman - 09/15/00 09:19:37
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this is really fantastic website.

Gyan Sewgobind - 09/06/00 01:10:22
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Ram Ram....I've learned so much from this page about my own religion and I'm so glad to receive the Puja Bidhi's. Thanks

Jai Bhagwan Indora - 09/05/00 05:25:12
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This is a very good site for anybody to get information about hinduism & hindus. I wanted to get some photos from hindu gods but when I visited that location, it indicated that this site has been permanently removed. you should reorganise this site. thank you.

HAri - 09/02/00 05:41:48
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I really enjoyed reading about our Hindu culture and am so glad that I have visited the web site. Thank you Hari

Dharmapada/Dean De Lucia - 09/01/00 19:46:16
My URL:http://skyboom.com/hollowearthpuranas
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Did you know that, in Sanskrit, the hollow portion of the Earth is called Madyatah? Hollow Earth in the Puranas. http://skyboom.com/hollowearthpuranas/ Do browse through.

sreedhar - 08/26/00 05:13:04
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Just simple

Sreedhar - 08/26/00 05:12:26
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Just simple.

krishnad - 08/24/00 18:20:24
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Good work....keep it up.It would be beneficial for all knowledge seeking surfers of getting to know the romanised sanskrit manthras and its meaning in the english.Why,when, how and what,are the key questions,every person must know,in order to have acquire about the indepth info on religion ,without blind faith.We must know the purpose and application og the manthras.

leela - 08/23/00 02:25:01
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Though incomplete it is a good page to know our religion. Thank you. Pranam

Maya Krishnamurthy - 08/13/00 18:27:37
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Very good page - I need a page with sthothrams and details of the Hindu festivals and this page is really excellent.

shankar - 08/05/00 13:01:02
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It is wonderfully compiled site. For people like us who are away from their families (presently working in Saudi) it gives a mental peace and also helps in performing the pujas, which we were unable to do in the past. We feel at home when we go these scri tures, even though we away from our home. God Bless you all who are instrumental in brining out this site. My good wishes in all your future endeavours.

Mohana Sundram - 08/05/00 03:04:52
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S.GANISHA - 08/01/00 19:26:44
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Please include easy to read the puja and the mantras in english version,and also how to carry out home puja for working guys like me cause i'm working very early in the morning that is have to report to work at 6am.Also guide me how to start the VINAYAGAR puja ? Your co-operation in this matter is very much appreciated.OHM GAM GANAPATHY NAMAHA.......... Thanks,S.ganisha.

G.Vaidyanathan - 07/19/00 07:25:55
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By chance, I happened to access the site and I found it very informative and enlightening. Please keep up the good work. I am passing the details about the siteto others, who are interested in this sort of information.

Robin Odette Linn - 07/13/00 04:17:19
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I think you have a fantastic Web Page! I found it while looking for information about India & Hinduism. I have just started a new Mailing List that I call IndiAmerica (India & America together) that I hope will be a place where people in India and Americ can exchange thoughts, ideas, & opinions. Robin

Shreyas Mathuria - 07/10/00 03:20:54
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Great Site. Should upload some Shloks and Bhajans so ppl can download to their computer. Thanks.

JRGOGU - 07/02/00 18:36:30
Thank you all for such a wonderful web site. I am so impressed that I began to spend a lot of time learning about my own religion. God bless us all.

G.Prabhu=Das - 06/29/00 01:29:59
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Your efforts to promote Indian culture,religion and traditions thru your site are commendable. However,in your list of Saints, you have omitted the greatest fighter for Vedic theology which is the foundation of hinduism. Maharishi Swami Dayanand Saraswati is the greatest hindu saint in modern times whose whole life was centred in uplifting the liv s of his countrymen,and should be acknowledged with the greatest respect. Thank you in anticipation. Namaste.

- 06/25/00 00:54:21
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SWAMIMALAI NARAYANAN - 05/16/00 05:15:22
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A very good, interesting & informative site. Try to include the GOD & GODDESS pictures of rare collection. May I request this.

Sivanandan Neelakandan - 05/04/00 03:26:55
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Thanks a lot for giving the knowledge about our wonderfull Lord Ganesha. Thank you for your support and hard hard work done to setup this web page. I'll do my part by informing all about this web page. Best Regards, Sivanandan Neelakandan Johore Malaysia.

V.SURESH KUMAR - 04/16/00 09:34:49
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Hetal - 04/15/00 13:07:29
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Very Interesting and understanding knowledge. I would go on this site again.

varsha paray - 04/04/00 01:02:06
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dear sir/mad/mS i am so thankul for all the information that you have stored on your web page for us the readers.i am a student in high school and you people have done a fantastic job on helping with my project.i have found every thing that i need to top the class with m project.one thing is that you did not list most of the gods and what are they for only some .my address is on top please write me back and tell me what lord ram and lord krishna is they are the gods of what like shiva the god of peace what are the two ot er gods.

malikasarkardesai - 04/02/00 07:28:43
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Great work! Keep it up.

Seema Raithatha - 03/31/00 11:19:10
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JayshreeKrishna! Congratulations on your site. It is so important for people to have the opportunity to find out more about their religion and culture. Good luck and keep up the good work! JayshreeKrishna!

Ramlall Chuneelall - 03/26/00 18:38:13
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Very informative. I was looking for a few everyday prayers, but didn't find any.

miranda - 03/04/00 00:19:01
My Email:surya@casema.net
i liked this homepage verry much. it's beautifull and verry interesting. dhanyavaad. bhakta svarupa dasa, SURYA

Satish Hoskere - 03/01/00 17:44:29
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Its a great work by the great people. Thanx for providing such a Good piece.

sunil - 02/23/00 08:54:48
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This page help me to learn about hindu,

paven - 02/21/00 20:15:09
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nice to see such an informative site that can teach young people about their religion

Sathish - 02/18/00 15:17:54
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This site looks good and informative. Thankx for ur service.

NARENTHIRAN - 02/17/00 06:46:44
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Dr. Rajesh Vyas - 02/13/00 05:11:20
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Jai Shri Krishna, It was very nice to see our religion's site on line. I'd like to visit it frequently and get more involved. Keep it up. Being physician by profession, if any need arise for comment please write to us. Rajesh Vyas Veena Vyas Yogesh Vyas from Tanzania

Christine ala Reeba Dorshay - 01/31/00 15:17:00
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i live in the homeland, india i pray many a day to the gods for forgiveness for the sins that i have commitede against Raja i sacrifice the virgins so the gods will love me HAIL SHEEBA

b naughton - 01/22/00 20:09:14
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i have a chakra decoder-notsure how touse it. all suggestions welcome

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shankar-gallery - 01/14/00 18:31:07
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A Former Hindu - 01/06/00 08:35:19
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Hi everyone. I used to be Hindu, and I used to have no peace in my heart. All the bhakans, pujas, and aartis never could fill that void in my life. Then my happiest day came, when I found Jesus Christ as my personal savior. My life has completely changed hen I found His unconditional love that gives me peace in all matters. He died and rose from the dead so that we could have eternal life. Christ dies for Indians too. His love is the only one that has united people from every nation, language, and ethnici y. Think about it. If your life is not satisfying, I hope you too can find the love of Jesus for absolute peace, happiness, and security. God bless you.

Sunil Kumar - 01/02/00 08:55:22
My Email:sunil_kumar@satyamonline.com
I didnt find sandhya vandanam (In Hindi ) . i m a telugu brahmin. can u please mail back the same. Other links & information are extrmely useful

Amit Kamra - 12/29/99 19:13:48
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Good information! Well presented!

Himchan Jagesar - 12/24/99 14:12:51
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R Perumal - 12/22/99 14:40:24
My Email:regeper@global.co.za
It really is heartwarming to note that such great work is being done in the name of Sanathan Dharma. Hare Krsna.

Mohan Jairam - 12/21/99 08:27:55
My Email:mohanj@yesic.com
I have been able to garner a variety of information from your site and offer both thanks and appreciation for this. Best wishes in all your endeavours.

Maddali LakshmiNarayana Rao - 11/24/99 01:02:03
My Email:maddali@excite.com
Accidentally, I happend to see this site. It is marvellous. It is great. My sincere Pranamams for all of you who are part of it and made this possible. It is great service to Hindu religion and its believers. I will keep in touch. namaskaramulu Lakshminarayana

Biserka Aten - 11/18/99 21:19:34
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You changed my life! You are the only nation/culture that makes sense!

Nadira - 11/05/99 22:13:23
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Christopher M. Young - 11/03/99 13:49:07
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Dr. Anil Kumar Chawla - 09/29/99 18:39:58
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Missing Satsang in Muscat. How can we start something here? How can we organise the visits by Swamis of Chinmayananda Mission? Please enlighten. Thanks.

Kogeelan - 09/19/99 13:35:24
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Very nice page which had enlighten me.Keep up the good work.Please visit my little creation too.

VBALASUBRAMANIAM - 09/09/99 19:34:31
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Chhaya Parekh - 09/08/99 18:26:12
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Very Helpful and Beautiful site. Keep It up.

Shekar Shetty - 09/06/99 03:48:52
My Email:shettyshekar@hotmail.com
My respectful pranam.I feel relaxed and content with my life after learning about our noble relegion.Once again I thank you and all those who helped us get these eternal knoledge.May God Bless you all.

Anil Lund - 09/04/99 11:07:43
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Hari om Pranam Shree, Thank you very much for your most wonderful site. Visiting here is indeed worship, indeed satsang and indeed great joy! Please continue your efforts as it is an inspiration to one and all. May your path be forever illuminated! Hari Om Tat Sat

Ramadas Ayasamy - 09/03/99 13:45:28
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I would like to submit my heartiest thanks to all who really made this page alive and it did certainly benefited me and my family. Thanks

- 08/20/99 21:51:36

Deviprasad Germilla - 08/14/99 00:43:22
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I appreciate your sincere devotion and hard work to maintain such a wonderful web site.

Vikram - 08/11/99 21:18:23
My Email:sahoora@aol.com
THis is an absolutely fantastic site. Please add more pujas so when we go the temple, we can understand and worship in a much deeper way. Also, I printed out the VaraLakshmi puja, however only half the lines are printing out, any suggestions? Thank you

Sheila Razdan - 08/09/99 12:04:27
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It is exhaustive and very interesting!

Dr. Anil Kumar Chawla - 07/29/99 18:50:41
My Email:anilkchawla@hotmail.com
Satsang maketh a man, a complete man.Keep up the good work.

Sradhanand Sital - 07/23/99 15:11:08
My Email:s.sital@minez.nl
this is a great site jay sri Raam !!!!!! Sradhanand Sital Holland

DHARAMVIR.SINGH BENAWRA - 07/19/99 11:08:24
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keep up the good work

N.NAGARAJAN - 07/02/99 11:24:19
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Milan Sampat - 06/28/99 16:55:13
My Email:Milansampat@hotmail.com
Excellent site, especially for American born desis who are interested in learning more about the culture. Do you have cassettes of the Puja available as well, with english instructions?

shobhan kumar - 06/28/99 04:18:58
My Email:s_ponna@hotmail.com
Thank you for providing such a great WEB page These only keep the HIDUISIM Alive If possible send photes of Lord Hanumanji, and Lakhmiji The connection with the server was some problem

Kumar Ramachandran - 06/10/99 01:27:21
My Email:kramachandran@worldnet.att.net
My heart is gladdened to see technology being put to good use. I heard the bhajan "jagadambike jaya jaya jag janani ma" (among others) when I was a kid. It is a wonder how, after reaching a certain age, parent's legacies are fondly remembered. I have loo ed high and low for a copy of the bhajan, but cannot seem to find. Would it be possible to somehow e-mail me a copy of the recording ? THanks. Kumar Ramachandran.

Pratiksha - 04/29/99 17:13:20

Shanti Ganpat - 04/11/99 00:34:45
My URL:http:// freeport
I would prefer if the Pujas had English translations

tribhuwan shri govind - 04/08/99 22:06:41
My Email:seego@tstt.net.tt
just logged on to this site and wish to commend the producers and facilitators of these very useful and informative materials. This is very helpful to hindus in all parts of the world. Lord Ganeshji blessings to all who made this possible.These informati n is most helpful to me,My sincere thanks.

Sabeena - 03/25/99 01:24:21
This website is amazing. Thank you for allowing others access to religious texts. I especially appreciate the English traslations and the use of the English alphabet with Hindi words i.e. ITRANS.

hita - 02/23/99 18:45:14
My Email:hiteshna@hotmail.com
great! keep up the good work dhanyawad

Sivakumar P - 02/17/99 18:51:26
My Email:siva_patibanda@hotmail.com
I was planning to ask friends from India to send me some of stotras on Lord Shiva. I am thrilled to find a lot of these in your site. Thank you very much. It would be a great help if you could add a audio service alongside each stotra title.Learning the stotra would be a lot easier. This is a very useful sight for any person interested in learning more about Hinduism. I have a lot to learn from this site, and shall visit often. Thank you. Sairam

Mohan Jairam - 02/04/99 05:20:07
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Wonderful site to visit and learn many things. deepest repects and best wishes

Roberto Kocenko - 01/24/99 07:18:01
My Email:drrkoliveiro@poa.sol.com.br
You have made a good job!this is a splendid home page.Thanks for help me in my spiritual path. Your servant, Roberto.

Mataji Gauribrata Puri - 01/03/99 22:10:44
My Email:gaurima@accn.org
Very helpful, thankyou!

Rajpaul Persaud - 12/28/98 06:07:49
My Email:Tbclub@nytoday.com
Thank you all very much for this page. May God bless you all Who Contributed to this Page. Sai Ram / To you Rajpaul

Surya Avantsa - 12/27/98 16:21:06
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I was searching for a picture of Lord Hanuman. That is how I came across your page from Altavista.com. The contents is good, informative and useful. Wud appreciate if you could provide illustrated stories of our Epics. It would be useful to teach children about these stories. Thanks

Dr.Balachandran - 12/16/98 07:01:27
My Email:bala_39@hotmail.com
I have been looking out for something like for sometime and since this morning after having dicovered your site i feel relieved and very happy.Its wonderful what you have done and its informative.I hope there will be interaction amongst all those who have visited your site so that the positve vibrations and thoughts will flow through the web. Om Shanthi

Venkat Gaddamidi - 12/10/98 01:22:23
My Email:gaddamv@yahoo.com
I am very impressed with the literature available on the net. I hope we that it will continue to serve day by day,month by month and year by year in the foem of complete Hinduism. Venkat

Vinodh Munessar - 12/09/98 12:01:27
My Email:vinodh3@yahoo.com
I am over-whelmed with your site. It is the first time I am visiting here but soon I would be a resident. I enjoyed every thing I saw and read and found it very informative and educational. I am sure to let my friends in on your website. Thanks. vinodh Munessar

Stephen Ghisyawan - 12/09/98 11:58:51
My Email:stephen.ghisyawan@halliburton.com
This is a geat site where Hindus and non Hindus alike can learn about the Hindu religion. I am from Trinidad in the West Indies......

Mohan Ayyar - 12/03/98 00:11:41
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My Email:mohan@synflux.com.au
Nice collection of resources.

N.NAGARAJAN - 11/21/98 04:59:45
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This page is very interesting one.This is very usefull for all hindus at other countries.I am wishing your work. Thanking you, nnagarajan@rocketmail.com nagaraj@igcar.ernet.in.

S R Karthigasan - 11/17/98 05:07:57
My Email:karthi@amcorp.po.my
a wonderful page. perhaps some simple puja method for starter if created would be beneficial to many hindus worldwide

Ramesh Kalra - 11/14/98 22:50:32
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Troy/3078
My Email:madcow@juno.com
Thanks a lot for making bhajans available to us on the web. Keep up the good work. For some interesting articles on Hindu Philosophy visit the following site; http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Troy/3078

DON CASTELLANO-HOYT - 11/11/98 22:49:07

DINESH STHANKI - 11/03/98 19:01:01

Mrs Selvi Dilip Kumar - 11/02/98 16:24:00
My Email:hhbdilip@tm.net.my
I reading your bhajan which taught me more and I sincerely thank you . It was a great help for to teach my daughter about bhajan. Thanks & God bless you.

M.Palaniappan - 11/02/98 02:31:47
My Email:mpala@pc.jaring.my
Beautiful effort. Though I had bookmarked this site sometime ago, this is the first time I was able to hear the bhajans throuth the 'real-player'.Keep-up the good work. May God shower all blessings.

Kasturirangan Rajagopalan - 11/01/98 04:53:24
My Email:pikashom@md3.vsnl.net.in
This page is a great service to the humanity as a whole and I pray to lord Venkateshwar to bring peace, harmony, happiness and above all Vishnu smaran to all. Suggestion Please add Lakshmi Ashothrams, Sahasrnamams, sri sthuthi, Purusha Suktham, etc.

10/26/98 05:26:08
Name: Bad Bunny My URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me

Just surfing and came accross your page Thanks

Errol Johnson - 10/13/98 00:13:30
My Email:jagroop@cwjamaica.com
Very informative. I have used some of the information at our Satsangh at the Sanatan Dharma Mandir in Kingston Jamaica. Errol 12/10/98

errol johnson - 10/13/98 00:07:01
My Email:jagroor@cwjamaica.com
Very informative. I have used some of the information at our Satsangh at the Sanatan Dharma Mandir in Kingston Jamaica. Errol 12/10/98

Ed Viswanathan - 10/08/98 22:00:50
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mira - 09/26/98 21:33:44
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Dhanyavaad for this really great site-I have added a link to it from my web page, here is the URL: www.angelfire.com/in/mirabai

Rajesh - 09/08/98 21:38:53
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Wonderfull Site !! Grrreat Job Keep It Up !!! Suggestions...mm.. will come up later. -Raj

Maharaaj - 09/05/98 11:08:30
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Pranaam Pujyavar; Swaagatam. A very informative and well versed site. Perhaps only people who are caring and like to share this ancient philosophy with the world would use their precious time to create this type of site. Thanks alot. Dhanyavaad

rakesh kapoor - 08/31/98 17:29:38

premjit singh malaysia - 08/29/98 05:33:43
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suresh vyas - 08/23/98 23:49:19
My Email:MLTIPURE@twrcom.com
Namaskar! I don't surf much, but I liked your site and have book marked it. Being an editor of a newsletter Vedic Sundesh, I have somethings you could put on your site. One is a complete translation, in Gujarati, of Isopanishad published by BBT. I also have many rticles written in Vedic Sundesh. If you would like to put them on the site, I would be glad to share. Jai Sri Krishna! -sv

Sanjay Deshpande - 08/22/98 03:20:03
My Email:deshpand@us.ibm.com
My wife was looking for hindi bhajans lyrics for quite some time and finally we found it here. Its excellent collection and I hope it would be very useful to all Indians all over the world. Thank you very much for your efforts. Jai Shreeram Sanjay and Sangeeta Deshpande

Champ Parekh - 08/17/98 16:29:23
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Hello World, I spent 5 hours looking for anything on the Satyanarayana Katha and eventually was put onto to your site, via other site pointer. I spent another 2 hours browsing this site. A great effort to all that has taken part in putting this site togeather. I have put this site into my favorites and will be visiting you all soon and again, and again. If there are other similar sites, please inform myself. Yours Truly Champ PAREKH. London.UK

Mr. SINGH - 08/14/98 21:30:40
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I am from Holland,I like this page very much. I use this page every day. Namaskaar phir kabhi milenge. Bye bye!!!!! See you.

Vijayalakshmi Alur - 08/14/98 18:34:51
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The contents of this page specially the Shlokas are very useful.Thanx

Rahul Patel - 08/07/98 03:10:43
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This is the best ever internet sight I have visited so far. I'm feelling fresh after visiting here and it reminded me of all my cultural aspects and all the retuals I used to perform in India. Jai Shree Krishna....... I will be visiting regularly. Cheers for the great work....

Rahul Patel - 08/07/98 02:59:34
My Email:rahulptl@hotmail.com
This is the best ever internet sight I have visited so far. I'm feelling fresh after visiting here and it reminded me of all my cultural aspects and all the retuals I used to perform in India. Jai Shree Krishna.......

vandeveer - 08/07/98 00:20:51
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mara - 07/30/98 17:46:02
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I'm at work, at my desk, on my lunch hour. I've enjoyed visiting this site. It's a nice way to get centered in the middle of the day. Thank You, & Namaste.

Cyberguy - 07/29/98 02:27:14
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GREETINGS! I am doing a school assignment on Hinduism and need all the info I can get. I am Christian so I don't know anything about Hinduism. Please write with info.

Sunildath Sewpersad Doebe - 07/26/98 22:55:24
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Hari Ohm!! Hari Hari!!! The best on the net, great to find this on the net. Thanks to the creators keep up the good work.

Sneha S.Rao - 07/18/98 12:41:38
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I think this is a great web site. It's extremely informative and is great for the younger generations. Keep up the great work !!!!

Sneha S.Rao - 07/18/98 12:41:37
My Email:susasha@emirates.net.ae
I think this is a great web site. It's extremely informative and is great for the younger generations. Keep up the great work !!!!

Hashmukh Parekh - 07/15/98 01:08:36
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Very informative

RAJESH & SUJAYA NAMBIAR - 07/11/98 10:29:41
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May this site never go unnoticed in this age of kali

RAJESH & SUJAYA NAMBIAR - 07/06/98 14:34:51
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Really marvellous and good to refresh ones subconscious mind. May this page go unnoticed in this age of Kali. May Ammaas blessings shower on all satsanghis.

Harry S. Sharma - 06/13/98 23:54:40
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Great. Just Great is your contribution to mankind. Blessings from all.

Prabhat Hegde - 06/08/98 15:07:16
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dhanyavaad for this excellent page! /prabhat.

Leland G. Hoover - 06/05/98 18:25:10
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This site is an inspiration. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. A guide to Sanskrit pronounciation (with audio files) would be helpful those trying to learn. Namaskaar. - Leland

- 05/07/98 10:27:35

Aswin R - 05/05/98 16:21:26
My URL:http://www.malibutemple.base.org
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This is a wonderful site. Visit virtual shrines for many Hindu Gods and Goddess at the Cyber Malibu temple.

Luc-Andre Mandeville - 04/30/98 22:04:20
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Namaste! Hindu Universe is a great and informative site! You are definitively among my preferred bookmarks, and you shall be mentionned (and linked!) on the next version of my website! Congratulations and keep up the good work! Warmest regards, L.A.M.

Shashi Kumar - 04/29/98 00:44:25
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I am presently in Japan. I am really happy to see this website. Please, send me email if there is any updation in this web page. Also, please subscribe my email id in your mailers

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Congratulations for a most excelent presentation, that is a real jewel to me. I will be visiting you many times, and am enjoying everything I'm finding here. My best greetings.

Dr.KEV - 04/22/98 12:07:22
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Om namah Sivaya! What else can I say. Excellent! Keep up the good work! Namasté!

Keshavaraja - 04/13/98 14:47:59
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Fantastic !!

AVmoorthy - 03/28/98 22:39:13
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i like to know more about hinduism.Q&A is the best way to learn about my religion thanks

sampat kumar - 03/28/98 05:28:43
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i am happy to see

- 03/24/98 01:45:16

Ed Viswanathan - 03/22/98 21:57:02
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I am much impressed your web page...I wanted to come back again and go through it again. Keep up the good work of educating masses around the globe about HINDU CULTURE..I do not see Hinduism as a religion but the CULTURE OF INDIA. It is not an organized r ligion like Christianity or Islam. Holy Bible deals with the CULTURE OF JEWS.. My prayers are with you...On my part, I am an engineer and author of an international best seller on Hinduism by name AM I A HINDU [ISBN 1-879904-06-3 800-723-4508 415-892-0649 HALO BOOKS, USA and RUPA PRESS, India please read about this book at www.amazon.com which lists the book as the 5th most popular book on Hinduism] If at all any one would like to have ABSOLUTELY FREE EDUCATIONAL FLOW CHARTS ON HINDUISM please write to me ith your postal address. Thanks for reading Ed Viswanathan arvind-4@msn.com

RAMENDRA PRASAD - 03/22/98 03:30:10
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I think most of the indian site on the net are just lovely,very informative and all.Just keep the cast discrimination out of it and it will prosper in future.regards,ram

RAJITAA - 03/18/98 01:17:28

V. Dharmarajan - 03/11/98 22:27:39
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Shan Chandrahasan - 03/07/98 11:20:55
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Well done!

Dr.Jagdish Kothary - 03/07/98 07:58:48
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Good work

Carly - 03/01/98 05:14:21
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I am very pleased that such pages are available for us, and this is one of the best I have visited - Well done!!! Om shanti shanti shanti

Brahma - 02/28/98 12:53:32
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Very very nice Prabhuji!

Valli Viswanathan - 02/28/98 06:25:23
My Email:vindum@asiaonline.net
This page is designed very well and many Hindus have an opportunity atleast to see and remember the almighty when at computer. It is quite useful for us to know about the daily Mantras & to practice. Away from Motherland & hectic life in Hong Kong, this page gives a lot of peace to the mind. How about starting data base of all the Brahmins (Hindus) round the globe to interact & keep up with our cultural dialogues. (Just a suggestion). If anything we can do will supoort you. Thanks .

dallas batchasingh - 02/20/98 22:29:09
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namaskar, excellent sites...i will be back. Keep up the great work.

Prasad - 02/18/98 13:13:05
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Great effort. So much to be gained from this site, especially to those who are in dire need of information. An excellent method to share the richness of the divine heritage to all those seekers. Please keep up this brilliant effort. Thank You. Hari Om

Sivathasans - 02/16/98 09:46:43
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We pray to the all powerful LORD to shower his grace on to you to continue this selfless service

Krishnan Devidoss - 02/12/98 07:43:45
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This homepage is great! Keep up the great work. The only suggestion I can make is to add more audio bhajans.

Rashmee Pahuja - 02/09/98 20:52:03
My Email:kprashmee@hotmail.com
Namaste, One of the most beatiful and informative sites on Hinduism I have ever been to. For the first time I know the meaning of some of the stotras I used to say every day without even knowing what it means.... Thank you. Keep up this good work.

umesh sharma - 02/07/98 21:38:53
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I just want to say I enjoyed reading your pages and hope other will enjoy it as well. keep up the good work on keeping hinduism going. Thanks, umesh

murgesh - 02/07/98 20:17:59
My Email:viswarup@tm.net.my
vanakam... well....overall this page is ok...but i feel you need to put in some life...make it more interesting..if possible try to put in more real audio bhajans... thats all.......i have bookmark the page.... and i willvist this page often...:-)

H. C. Bhakta - 01/30/98 04:52:53
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Great work! Very Informative. I visit this page almost daily and listen to bhajans.

Shail Bala Kumar - 01/30/98 02:45:23
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Great site. Keep up the good work. Was unable to get in to Hindi Bhajan section. God bless you.

Kailash Thakur - 01/29/98 03:48:23
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My Email:k.thakur@irl.cri.nz
I am very glad that I found this Sanskrit site. I have to perform Sarasvti Puja on 1. 2. 1998 here in Auckland and I did not have a pothi. I got help from several friends in England, Delhi, and some local Gujrati friends. But I have found the best of ll a Post Script file of 18 pages containing the entire puja. -Kailash

Reeshava Mitra - 01/28/98 20:13:45
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Excellent website!!!!! Keep up the great work!!! BTW, my website is viewable in following states only: PA, NJ, NY, CA, FL, AZ Many thanks,

Swami Krishnananda Saraswati - 01/22/98 06:25:58
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OM NAMO BHAGAVATE VASUDEVAYA! - OM NAMO BHAGAVATE VIVEKAYUKTANANDAYA! - OM - HARI OM! - NAMASTE! - Salutations to the Real Self in you! - Thanks for this beautiful web site. Dhanyavaad! - With Regards, Prem, Shanti and OM - Jai Vivekayuktanandaji Bhagavan - Swami Krishnananda Saraswati - Vivekayuktananda Ashram

Swami Krishnananda Saraswati - 01/22/98 06:25:20
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/~skrshnananda/index.html
My Email:narprem@telcel.net.ve
OM NAMO BHAGAVATE VASUDEVAYA! - OM NAMO BHAGAVATE VIVEKAYUKTANANDAYA! - OM - HARI OM! - NAMASTE! - Salutations to the Real Self in you! - Thanks for this beautiful web site. Dhanyavaad! - With Regards, Prem, Shanti and OM - Jai Vivekayuktanandaji Bhagavan - Swami Krishnananda Saraswati - Vivekayuktananda Ashram

Padma Priya - 01/11/98 05:25:13
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Its was a great pleasure to get this page. I feel a great happiness in my heart. Thanks for all the people for your efforts to enable us to enjoy this page. Sairam.

Jagruti - 01/11/98 03:04:24
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I would like to see more pictures if possible. Thank you

omar - 01/09/98 21:57:11
My Email:osingh@aol.com

prakash - 01/08/98 00:12:22
My Email:mextron@tm.net.my
very rich ,well i was looking for more like monthly full moon lecthcumi poojas, if you have pls let me know thank you

- 01/02/98 15:35:25

Nei.Bhagat - 12/29/97 02:54:37
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This is a beautiful and holy site. Carry more pictures of god that all can be benifited.

- 12/23/97 04:50:43

Dr. Ganga Deo - 12/22/97 04:47:23
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Thank you for providing this page.

pradeep - 12/16/97 10:12:16
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Wonderful!! I am highly impressed by your painstaking efforts to put the great Katha on Net. I really appreciate your hard-work in doing this. Keep it up.

Keshaw Mallick - 12/15/97 20:29:29
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I was looking for a screensaver with OM and/or God and I found this illustrious page. Congratulations for making such a pious web site. Feels like I am in a temple. Thanks again.

Sunder Hattangadi - 12/10/97 17:20:39
My Email:gourish@internet1.net
Is it possible to add a 'search' engine feature? the site has become vast to explore through links !

DR. SANJAY V. NAVELKAR - 12/10/97 16:48:16
My Email:navelkar@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in
I am an E.N.T. Surgeon practising in Bombay. This is my first visit to your site Your efforts need to be appreciated. Excellent work ! I will be visiting this site regularly and shall send you my detailed comments later Keep it up! DR. SANJAY V. NAVELKAR

- 12/06/97 21:30:21

sudhir Prabhu - 12/06/97 17:40:30
very very good, Keep it up

Harry S. Sharma - 12/05/97 00:38:04
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Never too late to learn. I can see myself at your feet learning from the visits I intend to make. Lord Shiva's blessings.

R.Rajesh - 11/29/97 09:04:28
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It is indeed a great voyage into the hindu religous ocean. We welcome such contributions. A eye opener Best Regards R.Rajesh

Radhika and Gopal - 11/25/97 14:09:37
My Email:radhika@sintmaarten.net
Excellent Work. First ever good webpage about Hinduism we have come across. Thanks for letting us keep in touch with our heritage.

Shanthi and Giri - 11/16/97 08:50:22
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keeps us with the satsangh in Bahrain.

vinay - 11/09/97 02:43:06
My Email:vkallesh@cisco.com
Excellent page, if many of these docs can get transalation and transliteration to english will be great. Many of us dont know if there is page like this, pl. advertise. I am sure there are many who wish to chx this site out. Great Job, good luck in the fu ure endavours.

Hema Suresh - 11/09/97 02:15:19
My Email:salyswt@ix.netcom.com
I was happy to see your web page. This is my first time here. Keep up the good work. Congratulations to each and everyone of one you, who were responsible in making this happen. Would like to see more Myths and Stories from the puranas.

prashant - 10/17/97 23:11:42
My Email:venkatesan_p@hotmail.com
This site is surely a great site for orthodox,religious minded people like me. I am really surprised by the info in it.I have got nearly all the things like especially the marathi arthi geet which I have been looking for long,and also all the sthothrams on venkatesa perumal. keep it up

K.S. Ganesh - 09/29/97 09:39:42 
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danny sing - 09/28/97 23:46:52 
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Ljus av blommor 

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Simply excellent. Well done. Keep it up. Please do give hindi > versions of all the kathas and stotras. that would be very helpful as the pronounciation during the pooja time, in English might go wrong.

All the best. Regards, Rekha Kulkarni 

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