Armchair Peregrinations

October 16, 2003

My Porches calendar scene for October is a dream to be realized: two rocking chairs overlook woods and mountains, a pot of chrysanthemums next to one of them, hiking boots alongside the other. A newspaper is folded over the arm of the one near the hiking boots. I can see myself on that porch so clearly, rocking gently. Thinking of not too much. Relaxing. The mountains are shrouded in mist. It could be an early morning just after sunrise.

October 9, 2003

At last it is becoming cool again, as October should be. The days are nice and mild once morning has slipped away, easier to walk longer distances and enjoy all the subtle changes in the air. One block has tea olives in bloom, the sweetest fragrance of fall here. They will last a couple of more weeks.

I have the window open in my bedroom to let in the cooler air. It is very pleasant to sit and relax, looking out the window at the oak tree, seeing the sun start to come out. It has been cloudy all morning, but now I see warm, golden sunlight. It warms me all over. But it is in and out sunshine. That's nice, too, because it makes me see the contrast from one minute to the next.

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