Armchair Peregrinations

May 16, 2004

Walking along brick sidewalks gazing at the extraordinary beauty of the College of Charleston's tree and shrub-filled campus last week, I passed a long row of late-blooming azaleas. Nearly three weeks after the main blooming period of these plants in the Lowcountry, this variety surprises and delights passerby each spring with its delicately pink flowers, tightly clustered and so lovely to behold. The abundance and endurance of spring as summer quickly approaches.

May 4, 2004

Four plus inches of rain this weekend have given the ground and trees a freshness and newness that I love -- accentuating the new-green that is the hallmark of Spring. After a rain, everything just seems more attuned to life.

The sun is fading now as I look out the window to the oak tree, with remnants of golden light illuminating parts of the tree. It's been cool all day with temps much more like early April than early May. The jasmin and legustrum are at peak bloom, and their scents are so pleasing and delightful as they waft in the breeze. I want Spring to continue on and on and never end. I love these months of April and May, more so with each passing year I do believe, although each year at this time I am entralled again by the beauty as never before.

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