Armchair Peregrinations

June 17, 2004

How things change in a week. No rain for ages and now yesterday, floods. It's just started to rain again as I look out the window. The grass has been transformed almost overnight and everything is now green and revived. I am so glad for this welcome rain. It's been cloudy for days now and I have been stuck at work and not able to get out for lunch, but I am not concerned. This is what we have been waiting for -- a rain such as yesterday's.

Life just seems more normal when there's rain. The expected summer rhythms are more noticable -- those signs of the season I look for every year about now. The frogs sing happily. The hydrangea blooms seem more vivid. The trees don't thirst. It's all very good.

June 10, 2004

Getting well into summer now and there has been no substantial rain for weeks. We are entering the typical drought pattern that has afflicted us for years. I am always saddened to see the ground dry up, the grass turn brown and the land thirst for water. The last real rain we had was five weeks ago. While I love to see the bright clouds and sun, I love to see the cooling thunderstorms of summer, bringing that much needed and precious moisture.

Still, this has been a beautiful month so far and not too terribly hot and humid. Each day the cumulus clouds jostle for place in the firmament, crowding out the blue in a patchwork pattern. I can gaze endlessly at clouds. Yesterday at Folly Beach, I took photos of them on the horizon over the ocean. So many infinite varities shapes and forms, depending on atmospheric conditions and time of day. And toward sundown, they change constantly with the light. It is a spectacular show to watch each evening that I am out there.

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