Armchair Peregrinations

July 18, 2004

It was so hot last week.. i get in the air conditionless car and roll the windows down fast. It's little relief. Then I get going and arrive at the Connector freeway and gain some speed. My arm is out the window. The wind blows in and i imagine myself out on the open road heading for the country or new places to explore. Summer heat does that. I want to feel that wind and come alive to new possibilities. Summer dreams.

July 6, 2004

This is the hottest and most miserably humid day of the year so far. Just about what we can expect for July. It just makes me so thankful for air conditioning. I remember how awful summers in New Orleans could be -- worse than this. Every time I go out, I get soaked with sweat. There is no AC in my car. There are many such days ahead. Just have to endure and say inside where it's cool.

This heat makes for a certain indolence and indifference to doing anything remotely strenuous. Someone was talking about playing tennis today, and I cringed. I cannot imagine. What a relief is was late yesterday to head to the beach and sit out where the seabreeze was good and strong and the air salty and fresh. That's actually better than any air conditioning. I should have gone there tonight, but was too tired from work. This heat is also very tiring.

My new refreshing drink find: cherry limeade. Delicious.

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