Armchair Peregrinations

April 18, 2003

It was warm and pre-summer sultry last week with those undeniable hints of summer in puffy white clouds and blue skies. But they were spring skies. Not hazy from heat. The air is still fresh and the trees still new and green. I hold on to these precious young days of spring, for by next week they will be memory. The cycle repeats every year.

Several days ago I stopped at the rose garden downtown, drawn by the fragrance of the roses, subtle but memorable, on that breezy day. The clover was still growing. The bees active. Every sense was alert to the act of living and experiencing all those simple wonders that were manifest around me: birds, fragrant flowers, bees, sweet clover, clouds, wind, and sky. Life is transparent sometimes. I can see through everything to the deepest regions of mystery and meaning. If only for a few moments or minutes.

April 14, 2003

What a study in contrasts between last week and this week so far. It was cloudy and cool, almost cold and rainy for days on end. It was nice in a way because winter was lingering a bit longer, the heat of summer seemed very far off, and it did remind me of the weather in Seattle. I have to admit I get nostalgic about that beautiful place with its lush greenery and snow-capped mountains. It's been ten years since I have been there. Last week's weather was exactly like Seattle's in April, May and June.

The rain has been so good for all the plants. And, after a rain I love to see the raindrops on the petals of the azaleas' flowers. So clean and pure and beautiful

. The azaleas were at their peak in the countryside as I was taking a short drive Saturday. Everywhere that magnificent color which I cannot even describe. It was good to get out and see some of the rural areas out from Charleston. It did me good.

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