Science teacher Ken Baxter provides a page for science students, science teachers, and science afficianadoes. Some links are especially relevant for Beall High School science students in Frostburg, MD, but could also be helpful for science students in other schools. Explore, enjoy and succeed while studying science. To find out more about the picture, go to the 'Beall's Local Water Page'

Why Take Science ?? Images From Beall High Direct Readout Station How to Succeed at Science
Aquaculture Teacher of Year Article Other Science Teacher Links
AP Env Sci Links Astronomy Picture of the Day For Parents (kids let them know this is here!)
Science Fair Links Kansas Collaborative Research Network BEALL'S LOCAL WATER PAGE
Some Cool Links A Reading List Online Science Tutoring
Environment Online About Me Hydrosphere Links
Science Education $$ Sources Resume Family and Stuff
USGS Chesapeake Bay Home Page Good Search Engines New Web Sites
Aquaponics Global warming: Early Warning Signs NEW!!! Study Guides NEW!!!

Alfie Kohn on Standardized Testing Fiasco and Accountability. I agree with him.

Alfie Kohn on Why to Stop Giving Those Gold Stars

The Big Con on Fat - Read This!!!

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