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The mission statement of this web page is to promote Jeeping. I apologize for my previous statements that promoted illegal four wheeling. That is not at all what four wheeling is about and I am ashamed of my past behavior.

Hi, I'm Johnny Jeep. I recently purchased a '98 Jeep Wrangler Sport with a 4.0 litre 6. "Tread lightly"!

This site will be posting the ongoing adventures of Johnny Jeep as "Off Roads" his way across America.

The Urban Jeeper himself - Johnny Jeep! Page 2

Every sport or hobbie has people who enjoy it and then there are those few who are always operating at the edge! I would like to dedicate this portion of the page to those off roaders who are the "Hardcore Jeepers"! The ones that are always operating "on the edge".

HardCore Jeepers - FastEddie & the TJ_WFO! Page 3

HardCore Jeepers - G_Man & Mad Man! Page 4

HardCore Jeepers - Jon olllllllo! Page 5

HardCore Jeepers - Hobbs & the Mighty Eight! Page 6

The UJTWP Ten Comandments of Jeeping, Quotes to note, and Great Links!

UJTWP Page 7

The Jeep Pros and Jeep Parts & Accessories!

UJTWP Page 8

If you would like to have your Jeep included in our HardCore Jeepers pages, have questions, or comments - send me an E_Mail!

E_Mail Johhny

The number of missing and kidnapped children, teens, and adults is alarming! Johnny would encourage you to watch the pictures for a few minutes. Who knows when you may be the person who can help unlock a mystery!

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