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Neal Stuart's Music page

Testing, one, two, three

 Greetings earthlings, I plan on
 putting some of my original
 (well, original as original can
 be) musical creations on this
 page. My main instrument is
 guitar, so there is a lot of that,
 mostly instrumental in the
 blues/jazz/fusion genre, though
 I play all types.
 Life of Riley B.
 I hope you like what you hear.
 Play this file,it's called "Life of
 Riley B." after you know who.



 anatnas.mp3  [562K] download time about 3 minutes at 28.8 An old greeny song
 Billy22k  [RealAudio format], some attempts at chicken pickin' Cathy's Clown An mono mp3 file with a distinctly oriental flavor, Nihon koku are you listening?
Flossroads [RealAudio]Named after that old dental floss tycoon F.Z.  Help! I'm a rock. Glimmer Twins?


Swingin' With Berta A little number with bass, drums, and guitar. All you jazz players, please forgive me.
 Prodigalson [RealAudio] Late night shenanigans anyone? Yet another instrumental
 Slowgeeblues [RealAudio] Really slow; F# actually. Blues With A Feeling (W. Jacobs)
"The more clearly one sees this world, the more one is obliged to pretend it does not exist."-from A Sport and A Pastime by James Salter

My other site is here.

If you're ever down Pensacola way click here for what's happening.

Here is a link to Lynne Campbell's site. Check it out.

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  • The Official Blues Before Sunrise site
  • The best blues show on radio. I haven't heard sounds this good since I used to listen to "The Famous Coachman" on WDET 101.9 back in Detroit. A must for every blues lover, with host Steve Cushing.

    This The Official Blues Ring site is owned by nstuart.
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    The Official Blues Ring

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