USMCTuba's MusicStand

USMCTuba's MusicStand

Hey! Welcome to my page. If you can't tell from a quick glance around, I am a musician. A USMC Musician to be exact. ( For those not so quick this means I play the for the Marine Corps!)I get to do all sorts of cool things and go to some really awesome places with my job.From the Rose Bowl Parade to marching at the Scottish Games to helping out and performing at the Special Olympics I really love my job. Take a look around my website and I'll tell you all about my love of music and the Corps.

My second love may be music...but my first all encompassing love is my daughter. I have a beautiful 5 yr old little girl who i adore. She is sooo proud of her daddy and his job. She runs around the house shouting"Yes Captain!" (ok I'm only a Sgt but she's seen Pocahontas too many times)and "OOOH RAH DADDY!!!"or now when I tell her to do something she doesn't want to do (Such as go to bed) she tells me "Negative Devildog!" She loves to blow in my tuba and try to get a sound even though it is so much bigger than her. We also love to dance around the house together and sing to Rent.
Click the tuba to see her page and learn more about her!

As I said before I currently am a tuba player for the Marine Corps...I am also going back to college to get my degree in Music Education even though I hope to be a career Marine. I have played the tuba for about twelve years now.My wife tells me I am a wonderful player, but I guess she has to say that. One of my dreams is to some day to play for the President's Own. It is a long way off. I need to finish getting my degree yet. But my wife fully believes that if I work hard someday I will make it. With my daughter's and her support who knows what I can accomplish!
Click the tuba to learn more about the Presidents own and maybe even see them perform.
This tuba will take you to information about the USMC Bands like the one I'm in... what we do, how to join,etc.

I love all types of music from Country to classical, from Sousa to Rent. In my home we listen to it all. I hope for my daughter to grow up knowing there is more to music than top 40 or alternative.Almost every type of music is a valid form of expression and deserves a shot. If you don't like it then....ok..but always give it a shot.Since I am in the Corps we play a TON of Sousa. His marches can be awfully inspiring.
This tuba will show you a site dedicated to telling you about the man and the most famous band in history.

Even though my being a Marine and my being a Musicain are very much intertwined right now, I have still created pages to talk about each seperatly...
click on this tuba to go my page about the Marine Corps! Semper FI!
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