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Because you are enrolling in Driver Ed, you have committed yourself to attending each class on time. Driving is a privilege and not a right. Your attitude largely determines how good a driver you will be. Part of that is indicated by the responsibility you take for completing tasks and the attitude you have toward instruction, authority, and the law. In this spirit please be advised of the following class design. The class consists of 10 periods, each 3 hours long (30 hours classroom and 6 hours driving is a state law) and will meet in room 302 at Patton Junior High. Fall and Spring semester classes are held for 10 consecutive Saturdays, from 8:00 to 11:00 AM. The summer class is held for 10 consecutive weekdays following the conclusion of the regular school year with most of the driving taking place after that. The cost of the class is $100 for Patton students and $150 for out-of-district students, and it is non-refundable. Patton students have first priority with a maximum load of 24 students in each class. You are expected to be on time each day. If you are tardy, you will be assigned extra homework (questions at the end of the chapter). All homework is expected to be completed before each class. If it is not, I consider you not to be prepared for the class and you will be sent home and be charged an absence. If you are excessively tardy or if you miss more than one class, you can be dropped and will be unable to complete the course. [There can be only one make-up class and the State requires a minimum of 30 classroom hours.] All tests are open book except the Kansas Handbook test. You must score no less than 80% on all classroom modules to pass the classroom portion and to qualify you to begin driving (those who begin driving before the end of the classroom portion must maintain the same minimum average percentage). If you misbehave in class, you are subject to dismissal from class that day and you will be charged with an absence, no matter how late in class you were dismissed and your parents will be called to pick you up. A required parent-student information meeting will be held in the Patton theater prior to the first class in which you will fill out necessary State forms and make payment in the event you have not done so already. A brief outline of the course will be given and all questions will be answered at that time. Students will also have an opportunity to sign up with a driving partner from which a driving schedule will be derived based upon the information given such as extra-curricular activities, work schedules, and planned vacations. For the most part, all driving will be after school between the hours of 3:00 and 5:00 PM during the regular school year. Once a tentative schedule is drafted, students must immediately inform your instructor if for whatever reason you cannot drive your scheduled times. You will have a minimum of 6 hours of driving experience (12 hours in the car, 6 each for you and your partner) in addition to your classroom time, but you cannot drive more than 1 hour per day. Failure to let Mr. Boling know about planned vacations, appointments, or other conflicts before the schedule is finalized will put the burden on you to trade times with another student and to inform your instructor before your scheduled driving time. If you should become ill and you become unable to drive your scheduled time, you should contact another student to drive in your place and notify Mr. Boling of the change. No one but the driving instructor and students scheduled to drive is permitted in the car. No food or drink is allowed in the car. During the regular school year, students will begin their scheduled driving time right after school and will be dropped off at home if they live on post around 5:00 PM. Students should meet Mr. Boling by the Driver Ed car in the north parking lot and be ready! All off-post students must be picked up by parents at Patton after their driving time. During the summer session, all students should meet at Patton for their scheduled time to drive. On-post students again will be dropped off at their quarters at the conclusion of their driving time. Failure to be ready to drive when scheduled may adversely affect your grade. Your classroom grade and driving grade each count one half of your overall grade. Students must meet the driving standards with no more than two additional in-car tests once tested on a regular scheduled test day. Students failing to complete all sessions and course requirements within the semester in which they enrolled make themselves ineligible to receive the course completion certificate and necessitates that the student repeat the class if credit is desired. Driver Education is now required for you to obtain your restricted driver license in the state of Kansas. You can get a learner permit (minimum age of 14) downtown at the Drivers License Examiner office at 113 Delaware by taking a short, basic knowledge written exam (25 questions) and paying $4. This will permit you to drive with your parents for extra practice until you get your restricted license. You may legally take Driver Ed at age 14, but you cannot get a restricted license until age 15. There is really little difference between a permit and a restricted license in practical terms. Both require that you drive with an 18 yr. old or older licensed driver beside you. The only difference is that with a restricted license you may drive alone, using the most direct route, to and from school or where you work. By Kansas statute, those with restricted licenses cannot transport non-family members under the age of 18. A regular license, allowing you to drive anywhere by yourself, can be obtained at age 16 by taking the driving tests with the driver examiner downtown; and this without the benefit of Driver Ed, although you still must meet the requirements as outlined below. Kansas law (KSA 8-235D - see Answers to Common Questions) now mandates: 1) to obtain a restricted license, you must, in addition to completing Driver Ed, have 25 logged hours of driving with a parent and have had a learner's permit for a minimum of 6 months. 2) to obtain a regular license at 16, you must have 25 additional logged hours with a parent, 10 of which must be night-time driving, and have no more than one moving violation. (With 2 or more moving violations, it will remain restricted until age 17.) Some insurance companies still allow up to a 10% discount on your insurance if you complete an accredited Driver Ed course. However, most insurance companies now only give good student discounts of up to 15% with a B grade average or better. You must be a 9th grader (or, in the summer session, going into the 9th grade) at Patton to participate. It is highly recommended that, although eligible at 14, you wait until you are at least within a few months of your 15th birthday upon completion of the course, before you consider registering for the class.


MODULE 1 Hand out texts and handbooks Discuss Chap. 6 -- Getting to Know Your Car Work through handout on chap. 6 Videos: It’s a Matter of Attitude; Just Another Friday Night Quiz chap. 6 Distribute Study Guide for KS Handbook (2 sheets) Assign reading chap. 4 & 7 with 3 worksheets MODULE 2 Discuss chap. 4 & 7 and from Handbook—Signs, Signals and Markings; Starting, Steering, Stopping Videos: Signs and Signals; Identification Quiz chap. 4 & 7 Assign reading chap. 5 & 8 with 2 worksheets MODULE 3 Discuss chap 5 & 8— Rules of the Road; Basic Driving Skills Videos: The Little Things Quiz chap. 5 & 8 Discuss answers to Handbook Study Guide Assign reading chap. 9 with 1 worksheet MODULE 4 Test on KS Handbook Discuss chap. 9 -- Turning and Parking Videos: Get A Grip; When the Pavement’s Slick Quiz chap. 9 Assign reading chap. 1 & 10 with 3 worksheets MODULE 5 Discuss chap.1 & 10--Assessing and Managing Risk; Driving Environments Videos: Driving in Bad Weather; Emergency Situations Quiz chap. 1 & 10 Assign reading chap. 11 & 13 with 3 worksheets                                Hands-on car review: Possible components – A Look Under the Hood for routine maintenance; check all fluid levels; front-wheel or rear- wheel drive (?); change a “flat tire”; check front brake pads; hook up jumper cables MODULE 6 Discuss chap. 11 & 13-- Light and Weather Conditions; Natural Laws and Driving Videos: When the Sun Sets; Driving in Bad Weather Quiz chap. 11 & 13 Assign reading chap. 14 & 16 with 4 worksheets Hands-on car review: Possible components – A Look Under the Hood for routine maintenance; check all fluid levels; front-wheel or rear- wheel drive (?); change a “flat tire”; check front brake pads; hook up jumper cables MODULE 7 Discuss chap. 14 & 16-- Responding to an Emergency; Car Systems and Maintenance Videos: Driving under Adverse Conditions; Taking Care of It Quiz chap. 14 & 16 Assign reading chap. 2 & 3 with 3 worksheets MODULE 8 Discuss chap. 2 & 3 -- Knowing Yourself; Handling Social Pressures Videos: Drink, Drive, and Rationalize; You’re in Control Quiz chap. 13 & 14 Assign reading chap. 15 & 16 with 3 worksheets MODULE 9 Discuss chap. 12 & 15-- Sharing the Roadway; Buying a Car Videos: Sharing the Road with Big Trucks; Controlling the Vehicle Quiz chap. 12 & 15 Assign reading chap. 17 & 18 with 2 worksheets MODULE 10 Discuss chap. 17 & 18--Planning a Trip; Getting Ready: Your State Driving Test Videos: On the Streets; On the Freeway Quiz chap. 17 & 18 AND/OR cumulative test on book Hands-on car review: Possible components – A Look Under the Hood for routine maintenance; check all fluid levels; front-wheel or rear- wheel drive (?); change a “flat tire”; check front brake pads; hook up jumper cables Return Textbooks and Kansas Handbooks One MAKE-UP DAY for those who have missed one Saturday session

Behind the Wheel (BTW) SYLLABUS

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DAY 1 Perform pre-start checks, start the engine, and put car in motion Steering and car control: Drive around the airfield to determine tracking ability both on gravel and on pavement. Off-road recovery/3-pt. Turnabout Drive onto Sheridan Road from the airfield maintaining good lane position and practicing cornering ability around curves. In the Brunner Skeet Range parking lot, practice straight backing and car control driving forward and backward around the grass island at the entrance of the lot both to the left and to the right. Change drivers DAY 2 In-town driving maneuvers: Drive to the CDC parking lot to practice angular parks to the left and right, then to the PX east parking lot to practice perpendicular parks to the left and the right. Drive to 6th Infantry for 2-pt turnabouts and Up- and Down-hill parks against the curb. Parallel parks on Thomas/McClellan Change drivers. DAY 3 Drive out the front gate for heavy traffic experience downtown: Practice parallel parking, parking up/downhill against the curb, 2-pt turnabouts and U-turns. Drive to Walmart and to the Leavenworth Plaza for angular parks and perpendicular parks. Change drivers. DAY 4 2-lane highway driving experience and 3-pt turnabout: Proceed on 4th Street through town to Eisenhower Road, turn right and drive to the end of the paved road maintaining within 5 mph a proper highway speed. Practice a 3-pt turnabout on the gravel road just across from where the pavement ends and a second 3-pt. off of County Highway 29 (50 MPH). Proceed to State Highway 92 and drive back to town, practicing cornering at highway speeds (55 MPH). Parallel park downtown on Cherokee St. Change drivers. DAY 5 4-lane highway driving and cloverleaf (65mph): Drive south on 4th Street through Lansing onto 4-lane highway (7/73) to the cloverleaf on 24/40. Make 3 exits/entrances off/on the cloverleaf using weaving lanes and acceleration/deceleration lanes (use roadside park east on 24 about 1/2 mi. to turn around). Drive to Victory Junction and change drivers. Return to town and as time permits practice skills. Click here for a review of checkpoints DAY 6 Driving Test: 60 degree parks (left/right) in the CDC parking lot. 90 degree parks (left/right) at the east PX parking lot. Lane changes on Grant Ave. Parallel park behind Hoge, on Pope, or Thomas Aves. 3-pt turnabout below horsebarns right after the first tree on Camp Miles Rd. Back left/right around the grass area at Brunner Skeet Range on Sheridan. Right and left 2-pt turnabouts in driveways on 6th Infantry Rd., and up/downhill parks against the curb. Change drivers.

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