A blend of two Chevy pickups actually, a 1950 and a 1952. This was an off-frame restoration project (and probably my last!) with new king pins, brakes, and poly-ride liners between the leaf springs. This truck sports a dark plum color, and it was painted in parts (2-3 coats of color and 3-4 coats of clear) and then reassembled. It has a Jasper rebuilt 235 engine with a 1966 3-speed column-shift transmission with overdrive and 378 differential ratio. It also has a new oak bed with stainless steel strips, acquired from Chevy Duty, together with several other accent parts. The interior sports a 1993 GMC bench seat, black carpet, and because the truck is now 12-volt, it is wired for sound with a modern radio to fit the original slot from Custom Autosound. Tinted windows was an added touch to enter the new century. It's a nice toy - definitely not a work truck!

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