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Bianca is a Dogo Argentino and she is approximately 9 weeks old. Bianca is all white with some black spots. She is deaf. She is expected to get quite large (click here for more information on the Dogo Argentino).

Bianca came to be fostered by me as a result of the 2nd Paw Park Gathering here in Venice, FL. Myra had been contacted by Bianca's breeder. She stated that she had just had a litter and out of 11 pups, 3 were completely deaf. Myra suggested that she bring the pups to the gathering and we could at least do a temperament assessment on them to make sure they could be placed.

Puppies' arrivalWhen Cheryl showed up at the park with these 3 adorable pups, the entire population went nuts. They were so cute and precious! The hounds were immediately enthralled with these little babies, and all the humans were craving doses of puppy breath. It was so wonderful! The pups spent a couple of hours giving kisses and playing with the big dogs. Tennis balls are a favorite of Bianca's.

Before we left the park, a woman had expressed a keen interest in adopting Bianca. We exchanged phone numbers and discussed plans. We discussed her picking B. up the following weekend. She would call me. That Wednesday night, she called me and we were going to meet that Saturday, at 4:00 pm, at the Venice Paw Park. She was so excited. Then, that Saturday morning, the phone rang at 9:30. It was Bianca's potential adopter saying that she had given it a lot of thought and she was not going to have the time to give this pup. The time it so rightfully deserved. Unfortunately, she would not be adopting Bianca.

So now, Bianca is in need of a good home. She is deaf, but is quite visually oriented. She is a big snuggler, loves to give and get kisses, and plays harder than any puppy I've ever seen.

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