WeLcOmE tO

tHe *RaRe* RaCcOoN hAvEn!

Thanx so much for stopping by!! You have entered the realm of the rare raccoons. I stumbled upon this place in the Raccoon Realm, and I found all these strange, different raccoons! Take a look at them all! They're all up for adoption and just waiting to have a nice home on your webpage :)

Here's what ya gotta do: If you find any you wish to adopt (the maximum is 4 raccoons from the whole haven) please right click and save them and upload them to YOUR OWN SERVER. Then save this certificate:

And link it back to the main Raccoon Realm (http://webspace.webring.com/people/cu/um_6173/). You MUST do this!!! Then just sign the guestbook on the main page as soon as you're done! I usually come to visit any pages that adopt raccoons. Here they are and have fun!

Here are the first strange raccoons I found:

And look! I found some baby ones too!

As you look a little further, you see something leap towards you. You think it's a deer, but as you look closer, you realize they aren't quite! They LOOK like deer, but with the bushy striped tails and the distinct masks, they certainly can't be!

These little guys keep flyin past you:

Something catches your eye....

Back to the Nursery!


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