My Raccoon Artwork

Welcome to my page of artwork! Feel free to take a look at all of them. I did them all myself and please don't take any of them! Well I hope you enjoy them! :)

This one is a drawing I did that is all dots. It took me a while to do b-cause all it is is dots and you have to sit there making a bunch of dots!! But I think it turned out pretty cool.
Here is a little made-up raccoon thing. Its where I got my idea for some of the raccoons in my Rare Raccoon Haven.
This is a pencil drawing. It's kind of big so yu may have to wait a while for it to load all the way up. It's a raccoon mother carrying her baby across a country road.
This is a picture of a human-raccoon girl, and everything she is wearing I own!
Here is a painting I did last year in art class.
Another Art class project. This one took me the longest and it's my favorite! It's made COMPLETELY of small dots on a big drawing board. At first it wasn't meant to be in outer space but my little brother got a hold of it and my pen one day and decided to scribble all over the side, so i just painted over his scribbles with black ink so it doesn't show!

Well I hope you all enjoyed my art gallery! There will be more up soon, so check back every now and again!


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