The Cyber~Raccoon Tree house

Welcome to the Cyber~Raccoon tree house! Here, many homeless cyber raccoons have found a home. I adopted each and every one of these, from all different kinds of adopting agencies. Please do not take any of these coonies! Either click on their names under them, or their adoption certificates, and adopt yourself one (and since I've had these cyberpets for a while, some of the links may not take you to the places I got them because the owners of the pages have moved out.). That would be "stealing" and these raccoons wouldn't like that. Just scroll down and take a look. I have linked back to all the owners, except for the one my friend made especially for me.

I hope you enjoy your little visit. The Cyber~Raccoons always love company! I am trying to collect as many Cyber~Raccoons as possible, so once you get done lookin around, if you know of any adoption agency with raccoons to offer, please e-mail me . Thanx!


Frisky and Frito


Rascal & Zooey





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