The Raccoon Report,

Essay, Project, or whatever else your teacher made you do

Welcome to The Raccoon Report, a page dedicated to helping you get an A on your report! In the past, believe it or not, I've had quite a few people signing my guestbook and e-mailing me on how Melissa's Raccoon Realm (my page *hehe*) helped them get A's on their raccoon reports, essays, projects, or whatever that they had to do for school. WELLL I then decided to put up a page to make it a lot easier for you guys to get all the info you could possibly need that is found on the page all in one spot, instead of looking around all over the page looking at stuff you really don't need. Hey, don't get me wrong, you can still feel free to look around at everything, but on this page I put together all the parts of my site that I think will me the most useful on your reports and stuff.

Click away!

About the Raccoon

This page has about 3 or 4 paragraphs telling about the raccoon.

Raccoon Facts

A list of a bunch of little facts and tidbits

Raccoon Pictures

Pretty much self explanatory. A bunch of pics of raccoons in the wild. Feel free to print out and do whatever!


Here there is a few Indian Folktales about the raccoon, and a few "How" (as in, how the raccoon got it's......" stories.


If you can't find everything you need here, the links page is a good last resort!

That's about it. Mostly everything else on the page is homepage graphics and cyberpets. And I take it your really don't need them for the report. This probably saves more time knowing everything you need is right here and there's no need to go looking at other pages for stuff that just may help you. Hopefully this page has helped ya with your assignment!

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