How the Raccoon Got its ringed tail

This I heard a while back, and I forgot how it really went, but I re-wrote it the best I could remember

There once was a little raccoon named Rings. She was named so because of her fascination of them.

She always wondered, how come when you throw a rock into the stream there are ripples that look like rings stretching out? And how come when a tree is cut down there are a number of rings in the inside?

These and many other questions popped into her mind as she sat every night on her favorite tree stump, threw pebbles into the water, and gazed up at the moon. Even when she looked close enough she could see the moon was covered with little ring-like circles.

"Mr. Moon, how come you are covered in rings?" she asked one night when she was all by herself.She threw a rock into the water.

"And rock? How come you create rings in the water?"

She looked down at the age rings on the tree stump. "How come there are 40 rings all over your top?"

She then sat up.

"How come I don't get any rings?" She asked out loud, looking up at the moon. "How did you all get those rings? Please tell me! I want some too!"

Realizing she was talking to herself, Rings leaned back and fell fast asleep. She dreamed of that night, only the river and moon could talk. They were talking to her, and she wasn't sure what about, she just listened.

She woke up suddenly the next morning. She looked up and the moon was now gone and the sun was shining in the sky. Rings stretched out and licked her paws. She cleaned herself all off, right down to the tail. Taking a second glance at it, she realized it was covered with 5 rings!

She leaped up and bounded into the forest to tell everyone she knew. From that day on, raccoons have always had rings on their tails.

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