How the raccoon got its mask

I wrote this one!

It all began with a little raccoon. His name was Rocky. Like all oher raccoons, Rocky would wash his food off before he ate it. He had just found a peice of an apple and went down by the stream to wash it off.

Swuishing the apple between his paws, he cleaned it off. The water was very cold, and it looked like a storm was coming. He heard a bit of thunder and decided he should eat the apple at home.

Holding it in his mouth, he strolled through the forest to get to his tree house home. He wasn't the only one that was hungry that day.

From out of a bush leaped a little brown weasel, who snatched the apple chunk right out of Rocky's mouth and made off with it as fast as he could! Rocky was too hungry to find some more food and raced after the weasel. All through the forest he chased him, and it soon started to pour down rain.

The weasel didn't seem to want to give up, and neither did Rocky. Mud was everwhere, and it got very slippery. Soon the were both sliding after each other! Rocky was getting tired. So was the weasel but he still kept going with the apple in his mouth.

Getting a sudden burst of speed Rocky turned the corner after the weasel. Since the rain was pouring down so hard he didn't even realize there was a huge sycamore tree right in front of him, and he slammed right into it!

Rocky completely forgot about the weasel as it sped away from sight and rubbed his face with his muddy paws where he bumped it.

He decided to stay in a nearby cave till the rain stopped. He ended up spending the night. He woke up the next morning, which was wet and full of puddles.

Rocky crawled out and stretched himself out. He went to wash his paws in a nearby puddle. He looked at his reflection, and saw mud caked all in his fur around his eyes where he hurt it last night! He tried washing it out, but it wouldn't. It still looked like a black mask. He went to tell everyone, and from then on raccoons have always had a black mask.

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