Melissa's Raccoons and More Graphics!

I am VERY upset that I found an ad in my local telephone book for a "pest elimination" company that used one of the images on this page and didnt tell me until i found it myself!! That is so rude, and if you want to use any of them for business purposes, PLEASE give me an email or sign my guestbook here and do the right thing!! Be professional for crying out loud. I'm so mad >:(

Please save this little icon and if you choose to put anything from here on your page, please link this back to my site. Thank you!
Altering and changing of these graphics is NOT allowed! These are also not allowed for use in any collection! Thank you!
Here is what I have for now:
Animal lines:

Small Graphics:


That's all for now! Sooner or later this place will be loaded with nifty stuff.

All images are ©Melissa and you must link back to here if you use any of the images!

<----(Not for use!)

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