The Raccoon Nursery

Photo Cube Copyright 1998 Loraine Ferus

Welcome to the Raccoon Nursery! Here we have many rooms with different raccoons to choose from! They're just waiting for you to adopt them so just click to wherever you wanna go, and there will be a choice of cyberpet raccoons for you to adopt for your homepage. Each room has it's own adoption instructions you MUST follow, so click away and enjoy!

Nursery Room 1

The coons in this room have been around on my page forever, and they're still all ready and willing to get to their new home on your homepage!

Nursery Room 2

These raccoons in this room are my newest additions!!

Nursery Room 3

The smallest raccoons you can adopt on this page are found here!

Nursery Room 4

Click to enter the *NEW* Rare Raccoon Haven!!

Adopt a Halloween Raccoon!



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