Tails a waggin'

Welcome to the newest additions of the Raccoon Nursery! Take a look, and if you wish to adopt any of them (please, keep a maximum of 2 per person) save the one(s) you choose onto your hard drive and upload them to your page (do NOT link directly to them please!) Here are the ones available for now! They're pretty happy to see ya, just look at all the waggin tails!!

(This one's not supposed to animate)

Now for step 2: E~mail me and tell me you have adopted one, and be sure to give me your homepage address where the raccoon(s) will be at.

Step 3: Make sure you add a link back to my site SOMEWHERE on your website! This tells people where you got your raccoon, in case they wanna adopt on too. You can not adopt if you do not agree to do this! If you like, you can use the adoption certificate thats in Nursery Room 1 to link back to my site.

And that's it! Thanx for adopting, and come back any time!

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