Adopt A Raccoon!

Here you can adopt a cute raccoon to put on your webpage! All you have to do is:

Save this certificate to your harddrive:

Now right click and save on any raccoon(s) you want (please keep a maximum of 2 raccoons per page!):

More Selections

These were all drawn and animated by me!

Then, upload your raccoon and the certificate to your page (do not link to my grafics!)

Please link the certificate back to the main site once the raccoon is put up. You may not adopt any raccoons unless you link back the certificate!!!!!

Now all ya gotta do is sign the guestbook and put the info it says. In the comments part, put the raccoon you adopted (like, what it is doing) along with any other comments you might have. Thanx!

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Week of 1/12-1/18/98

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