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Here are some of the better quotes from recent DipSoc meetings.
Any additions are welcome...

The one about paying attention

Alex: NomiCam? Is that the Cambridge University Nomic?
Duncan: Yes.
Alex: Why wasn't I told about this?
Duncan: You weren't listening.

Some cross-talk from the silly game addicts.

The one about middle names

Emily: My middle name is Geoff.

Emily makes a point about the number of Geoffs in the society.

The one where Geoff Bache puts his foot in it

Geoff Bache:(To Emily)Nobody normally gets this much adulation from winning at DipSoc. What's so special about you?

Some marital harmony from those inimitable Baches.

The one about Will's sense of humour

Will: You'll be pleased to learn that Colonic Diplomacy, the exciting game of Internal Intrigue, is coming along well.

Will making a supremely tasteless joke.

The one with good diplomatic technique, part one

Geoff Simons: "Chuan?"
Chuan: "Yes?"

Bye bye, chances of him doing what you want...

The one with ready-made alliances

Geoff Bache: Oh great. I'm Germany, and England and France are going out with each other.

A situation you do not want to be in...

The one from a game of drop-Bretwalda

Christoph: Italy. Rather small.

It's nice to know what powers are important...

The one from a game of modern

Everybody:(As England recaptures Gibraltar) It's coming home, it's coming home, it's coming...

Baddiel and Skinner have a lot to answer for.

The one with good diplomatic technique, part two

Emily:(To Duncan) You're Gwynedd? Alliance please! (I'm Mercia.)

How to put everybody on their guard.

The one with good diplomatic technique, part three

Vivien:(To France) Sorry for stabbing you in the back three times.

How sincere does that sound?

The one about lying

Geoff Simons:(To Jack) Didn't your mother ever teach you about lying?
Jack: Yes. And then I started playing Diplomacy.

The game is evil! It has corrupted us!

The one with good diplomatic technique, part four

Jon Amery: Stab!
Geoff Simons: Yes, that's a stab. Well identified. That is indeed a knife sticking out of your back.

How cruel...

The one about how often we play variants

Martin: Does anyone remember the variant rules to Standard?

We don't always play variants! Honest!

The one about sore winners

Gaute: You cheating bastards!
Jack: You won, Gaute! Get over it!

Some people are never happy...

The one with good diplomatic technique, part five

Tim: I trust you

Say what????

The one with the malapropism

Gaute: Secretion is the better part of valour.

Whatever you say, Gaute.

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