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Welcome to the revised Canadian Aircraft Collection!

I am a FlightSim 98 Fan, and decided I would like to create a `specialty shop' of Canadian aircraft for flightsimmers like moi... so here we go -

NETSCAPE USERS - I have been advised of the long delays in the Jet and Propellor Aircraft download pages - please be patient as delay involves the loading of all the smaller GIF's and the table... hitting STOP on browser menu solves this problem...

For return visitors - thanks for the support and visitation !

Please note that some of these aircraft will need to be converted to Fltsim 98 aircraft using the Fltsim98 aircraft converter- it's on the

Microsoft Flight Simulator Website

If any questions , e-mail me at



For your very own FltSim Simpsons 737, click here
( It isn't an FS98 plane so you'll need the FS98 converter...)

I realize it also isn't a CANADIAN plane, but as Homer - what yah gonna do?

Little green guy  Please note this is charge!

Stuff fer my visitors...    Pvtjet.gif (36490 bytes)

       ball10.gif (123 bytes)       DOWNLOAD PAGE - Jet Aircraft
       ball10.gif (123 bytes)       DOWNLOAD PAGE - Propellor Aircraft
       ball10.gif (123 bytes)       DOWNLOAD PAGE - Aircraft Oddities
       ball10.gif (123 bytes)       DOWNLOAD PAGE - Special Scenery
       ball10.gif (123 bytes)       AIRCRAFT ZIP FILES - How to install !
       ball10.gif (123 bytes)       REEKO-STUFF - Thought for your day (or a few days...)
       ball10.gif (123 bytes)       LINK - to the Zoooone...
       ball10.gif (123 bytes)       LINK - to another good Fltsim site

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