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As with many genealogists I find it difficult to talk about myself. Why is it that we can chat on for hours about how our great grandfather sailed here on such and such a ship but at the simple mention of "tell me a little about yourself" we often find ourselves lost for words? Well this is my attempt to tell you a little about myself.

I have always had an interest in genealogy as I have with any logic puzzle solving. It wasn't until my 30's that I met up with someone who was in the process of searching their family tree. Being rather inquisitive (a pre requisite some might say for this hobby) I asked a lot of questions and tagged along to the Church of the Latter Day Saints (LDS) to check out the Birth, Death and Marriage indexes (BDM's) in an attempt to find my grandparents marriage entry, something others in the family had problems finding. As if the gods were smiling down on me I quickly found their entry and there began my addiction to this hobby. I had also learnt my first valuable lesson - never assume. The marriage entry everyone had searched for was outside the years they were searching.

Although I wish I was able to spend more time on the genealogy other things drag me away. Naturally the biggest of those is my job. I work in the computer industry as an I.T Supervisor, supervising both people and equipment. I've still to decided which one causes the most problems. Actually computers seem to play a big part in my life. Besides working with them all day I also spend much of my spare time around them either using them to assist me in my genealogical research or chatting with friends from all around the world in one of the great chat rooms at www.foolmoon.com or on ICQ.

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