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As with all genealogical endeavours this site is a work in progress so please come back and check for changes every now and then.

These pages cover the research I've done since 1995. The countries I have been mainly researching in are, New Zealand, Australia, England and coming soon Ireland.

My method of research is to create my own indexes from records for the names I am researching. Use the links below to see what names are in my family tree and what indexes I currently have available for those names. If you discover in my surname list a name you are also researching but have no connection to the lines I am researching, I will be happy to check my indexes for you, just drop me an email.

Finally a big thank you to all those who have assisted me in the search for my ancestors by providing information, especially Bob Hobbs and Elizabeth Green.

  Surname List Listing of surnames that appear in my family tree.
  Name Index Listing of the individual names in my family tree. This can be accessed via the Surname list.
  Indexes Indexes I have gathered for the surnames I am researching.
  About me A little about myself.
  Web Rings Web rings I am a member of.
  Links Links to sites I found useful when creating these pages as well as some of my favourite sites.

Any comments etc just drop me an email

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