This is the first time I ever went up in a plane. It was so cool. My dad's friend  Chris took me up . He is also building his own airplane.
I went up again with Chris and a friend of his. We had another pilot with us too.  The guy with the red shirt  puked in a bag while we were flying. What a whimp huh.
These 2 pictures are at Battleship Cove in MASS.    My dad and I spent the night in a battleship for Cub Scouts.   It was so cool ,  I cant wait to do it again.
My family was at an airshow  near our house . The Stealthbomber did a fly by.  It was very loud. I hope I can fly one someday.
I am a Cub Scout. I am a WEBLO. In this picture I was just a Wolf. My den took first place in the Quinnepiac council covered wagon derby in CT.   
This is my dad. His name is Mike.  He can fix anything with a house. He built a great treefort for me.
This is my treefort my dad built for me.  I dont like to have my brother in my fort , he is a pain in the neck.
My family and a friend went out to catch our own crabs.  I helped to clean them. I wont eat it though. YUK.
This is my brother. Mikey  . He is a good kid sometimes. I wish he would leave my Beast  Wars alone.
This is Halloween in 1998. I won 2nd prize in the firemans Halloween party.  My mom won 2nd prize too.  My brother was in the bathroom so he did not win.  My mom always wants to win in the contests. She makes good costumes.
This is my mom. She is a nurse. She makes things out of wood too. She is showing me how to make things like hers.
To my moms page-
I have email now.
We are having triouble with yahoo-geocities so you will have to right my address down.
It is
or try the link, it might work.
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