Hi and welcome to my dog house!
My name is Shivas of Falchebo.
I am a briard, which is a herding dog originally from France. I have never done any herding, that is if you don't count the innumerable attempts on keeping the kids in the street in order, and the cats where they belong....in the trees! Other than that I'm basically a cuddly, hairy dog that enjoys very much the time spent on the couch and in my owners bed. My favorite hobby though is taking my owner with me to the forest to have a good swim and meet all my other briard friends. I've put in some pictures of them in the PhotoGallery.
Other things to say about me is that I'm 3 years old. Was born in Norway on a cold winters day, along with my 8 other siblings. My mothers name is Gazelle of Styriville and my fathers name is Chewbacca’s Zalomon Zoom. You can read more about my ancestors in the Pedigree-page. I'm not a big show dog because the judges don't like my color, or should I say colors. They are not sure whether I'm one color or two...nevertheless, my owners think I'm beautiful! So there! We go to shows every now and then, but just for fun, to meet fellow briard owners and feel the atmosphere of competition. I don't think it's much fun, but apparently my owner does...sigh!
Well, enjoy the pages and be sure to stop by again soon!
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I'd like to give my great friend Zappy a big warm thank you for all the help he has given me with this page. If it hadn't been for him it would never have been out on the net. He has also made all the 3D-images on it. HUGS, ZAPPY, I owe you big time!!!
I also would like to give credit to my very dear friend, Turid. She has taken most of the pictures shown on these pages! She's an excellent photographer! Thanx a million, Turid!!! These pages wouldn't have been what they are today without your help!

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