Second Generation


John Boudreaux

2. John2 Boudreaux (Ulysse1) reference 9 was born in Paincourtville, Louisiana April 12, 1883.(8) John died December 17, 1946 in Paincourtville, Louisiana, at 63 years of age.(9)

He married twice. He married Leoncia Marie Savoy. (Leoncia Marie Savoy reference 12) Leoncia was born in Brusly St. Martin, Louisiana. January 4, 1888. Leoncia was the daughter of Edward Ives Savoy and Gladys Landry. Leoncia died January 24, 1967 in Donaldsonville, Ascension, Louisiana., at 79 years of age. Leoncia and John Boudreaux lived together periodically. They had 2 children, Earl and Carroll. Leoncia told fortunes with cards. Some people believed she really could. Some of her predictions were surprisingly accurate. Once when I was on leave to bring Josi home and then return to California for a couple of weeks then ship out on a ship to Viet Nam. Leoncia was sick and old so we didn't tell her anything about this. Her fortune told that day was as follows. "You are fixing to go on a long trip, but your trip will not end there, you will go further, much further."

He married Julienne Landry in Pierre Part, Assumption Parish, Louisiana, USA, May 30, 1902.(10) (Julienne Landry reference 10) Julienne was born in Pierre Part, Assumption Parish, Louisiana, USA January 12, 1882. Julienne was the daughter of Jean Baptiste Camille Landry and Felicie Victoria Rodrigue. Julienne died June 30, 1980 in Donaldsonville, Ascension, Louisiana., at 98 years of age. Her body was interred in Paincourtville, Louisiana. Julienne lived 98 years. As a young girl, she worked as a maid. She lived in her employers homes. She said she really was after John's (her husband) brother when she met him at a dance. She had 15 children but 10 died. She later married Ralph Guillot and after a few years, buried him. She then lived with her children. She lived her last years in a nursing home in Donaldsonville, La. John was married to Julienne Landry, and together they had 15 children. A set of twins died at birth and eight died before they were a year old. He was a womanizer and according to Walter Joseph Boudreaux Sr. he would pick vegetables from his garden to pay for hookers. He also had race horses. John and Leoncia Marie Falcon had 2 children together, but were not married. they were Earl and Carroll. Carroll died at age 16. John was a farmer overseer for farmers. He moved a few times. The following is quoted from Nelson Boudreaux: "John Boudreaux worked as the overseer for a plantation South of Napoleonville. This was about in 1935. I don't know how long he ran that plantation. I know this because we lived in the plantation house. He was a tough taskmaster, according to Uncle Tako. He weighed about 130 lbs. I remember one time Grandpa John was yelling on the phone, "I will take care of your dogs". He hung the phone up got his shot gun and then went outside and shot two dogs. Then he came back into the house picked the phone up and cranked the ringer. When he got the man who owned the dogs he said "I took care of your dogs you can come get them now". What had happened was the two dogs were killing sheep that were raised on the plantation and the dog owner apparently gave the Old Man some lip about the dogs. I don't know what happened after that. Uncle Tako told me that one time when Grandpa John was running the plantation one of the black workers gave him some problems. At that time the workers lived in plantation owned houses. Grandpa fired the man and then ordered him to be out of the plantation owned house by midnight. At midnight the worker had not moved out so the Old Man strapped his pistol on and went to the house. All the family was scared to death because they knew the worker had a shotgun in the house and thought he would use it. Grandpa knocked on the door and when the man came out and saw the pistol and heard Grandpa say that he was moving out of the house one way or another he decided to move. The Old Man stayed there until everything wast moved."

John Boudreaux and Julienne Landry had the following family:


Samuel Boudreaux

child + 14 i. Samuel3 Boudreaux was born March 28, 1903.


child + 15 ii. Cleveland Marcellian Boudreaux (still alive).


Walter Boudreaux Sr.

Retirement picture.

child + 16 iii. Walter Joseph Boudreaux Sr. was born June 2, 1907.


Yvonne Boudreaux

child + 17 iv. Yvonne Eve Boudreaux was born November 5, 1915.


child + 18 v. Edward Joseph 'Tako' Boudreaux was born October 23, 1920.

John Boudreaux and Leoncia Marie Savoy had the following family:

child 19 vi. Carol John Boudreaux(11) was born in Donaldsonville, Ascension, Louisiana. May 22, 1926. Carol died 1942 in New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, at 16 years of age.


Earl Boudreaux

child + 20 vii. Earl Joseph Boudreaux was born August 2, 1932.

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