11. Georgina Leah2 Falcon (Joseph Julien1) reference 61 was born in Brusly Mccall, La April 20, 1895. Georgina died August 5, 1933 at 38 years of age.

She married Joseph Ulysse Eric Hernandez. Joseph was born about 1891.(68) Joseph died July 5, 1953 at 62 years of age.(69) Leah died of child birth. She had too much to eat that day and with mid- wives delivering in those days, combined with having a 15 pound baby she died.

Georgina Leah Falcon and Joseph Ulysse Eric Hernandez had the following family:

child 52 i. Earl Felix3 Hernandez(70) was born November 15, 1915.(71) Earl died about 1977.(72)

child 53 ii. Helen Marie Hernandez(73) was born March 7, 1917.(74) Helen died about 1946.(75) She married Russell Perrault.(76) (Additional notes for Russell Perrault(77))

child 54 iii. Essie Marie Hernandez (still alive).

child 55 iv. Charles Paul Hernandez (still alive).

child 56 v. Gloria Marie Hernandez (still alive).

child 57 vi. Rowena Marie Hernandez (still alive).

child 58 vii. Eric Joseph Hernandez Jr.(78) was born March 31, 1931.(79) Eric died about 1991.(80) He married Rusty Williams.(81) (Additional notes for Rusty Williams(82))

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