3. Peter2 Falcon (Joseph Julien1) reference 59 was born 1878. Peter died March 17, 1947 in Vera Curz, Mexico, at 68 years of age.(15)

He married Annie Gonzales.(16) Annie was born March 18, 1881. (Additional notes for Annie Gonzales(17)) Peter went to Mexico to borrow sugar. He stayed there and married a woman. He also had a wife and children in Donaldsonville. When he came back, his wife from Mexico later followed. When the Sheriff told him his other wife was looking for him in Donaldsonville he left and no one has heard of him since.

Peter Falcon and Annie Gonzales had the following family:

child + 13 i. Clarence3 Falcon was born February 2, 1900.

child 14 ii. Esther Falcon(18) was born June 16, 1905.(19) Esther died March 26, 1969 at 63 years of age.(20) She married Leo Mattingly.(21) (Additional notes for Leo Mattingly(22))

child 15 iii. Morris Falcon(23) was born January 3, 1908.(24) Morris died November 9, 1969 at 61 years of age.(25) He married Audrey Medine.(26) (Additional notes for Audrey Medine(27))

child 16 iv. Benny Falcon(28) was born February 2, 1912.(29) Benny died May 27, 1978 at 66 years of age.(30)

child 17 v. Edith Falcon (still alive).

child + 18 vi. Doward Falcon was born September 24, 1923.

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