Simon Falcon

4. Simon J.2 Falcon (Joseph Julien1) reference 53 was born 1879. Simon died May 3, 1965 at 85 years of age.

He married Oraline Alleman October 11, 1900. Oraline was born 1883. Oraline was the daughter of Peter Alleman and Marie Rodrigue. Oraline died 1952 at 69 years of age. Oraline was Louisiana's Mother of the year during World War II. She had seven sons serving in the military. Simon (pronounced See-Maw) was a man who liked people. He had seven sons serving in the service during WW2. You couldn't go to his house without eating something. He just wouldn't let you. Whether it was his pralines or cookies you just had to eat something. Any kind of function that had people at it, like weddings, funerals, etc. he was there. Simon was a sugar specialist. He was a sugar broiler and sugar dryer.

Simon J. Falcon and Oraline Alleman had the following family:

child 19 i. Kate3 Falcon (living status unknown).

child + 20 ii. Stewart Falcon (still alive).

child 21 iii. Dave Falcon. Dave died in Atlanta, Georgia.(31)

child 22 iv. Clifton Falcon.

child 23 v. Simon Falcon Jr..

child 24 vi. Glynn Falcon.

child 25 vii. Raymond Falcon(32) (living status unknown).

child + 26 viii. Albert 'Chun' Falcon was born 1901.

child 27 ix. Aimee Falcon was born 1903.(33) Aimee died 1984 at 81 years of age.(34) She married Sidney J. Ourso.(35) (Additional notes for Sidney J. Ourso(36))

child + 28 x. Warren Falcon was born about 1917.

child 29 xi. Andrew Falcon was born about 1923. Andrew died March 11, 1991 in Donaldsonville, Ascension, Louisiana., at 67 years of age.

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