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8. Adam Joseph2 Falcon (Joseph Julien1) reference 11 was born July 18, 1885. Adam died February 21, 1967 in Ascension, Louisiana, at 81 years of age. His body was interred February 22, 1967 in Donaldsonville, Ascension, Louisiana..

He married Leoncia Marie Savoy April 27, 1904. (Leoncia Marie Savoy reference 12) Leoncia was born in Brusly St. Martin, Louisiana. January 4, 1888. Leoncia was the daughter of Edward Ives Savoy and Gladys Landry. Leoncia died January 24, 1967 in Donaldsonville, Ascension, Louisiana., at 79 years of age. Leoncia and John Boudreaux lived together periodically. They had 2 children, Earl and Carroll. Leoncia told fortunes with cards. Some people believed she really could. Some of her predictions were surprisingly accurate. Once when I was on leave to bring Josi home and then return to California for a couple of weeks then ship out on a ship to Viet Nam. Leoncia was sick and old so we didn't tell her anything about this. Her fortune told that day was as follows. "You are fixing to go on a long trip, but your trip will not end there, you will go further, much further." Adam spent most of his life in a mental institution. He was in the institution in Jackson, La. Adam was a small man in statue, but he loved to fight, and he was good at fighting. One story about him from Walter Boudreaux Sr. is a good example. One night at a dance in Pierre Part, La. Big Jim (name not known so I am using Big Jim) told the band that he didn't want to hear all that noise while he drank his beer. Big Jim was a big man so no one said anything about it. Later, Adam came in and asked why the band wasn't playing. They told him why and he said, "I'll take care of Big Jim, you go ahead and play your music." Big Jim was taken care of by Adam, but 2 deputies decided he had to be arrested. They couldn't take him in, so they went out and got 2 more deputies. The four of them finally got him in.

Adam Joseph Falcon and Leoncia Marie Savoy had the following family:

child + 46 i. Novelia Marie3 Falcon was born March 9, 1906.

child + 47 ii. Joseph Klibert 'Kebby' Falcon was born April 13, 1907.


Aurelia Marie Falcon

child + 48 iii. Aurelia Marie Falcon was born June 22, 1909.

child + 49 iv. Evans Joseph Falcon Sr. was born October 4, 1910.

child 50 v. Ernestine Falcon reference 51 was born in Brusly Mccall, La June 9, 1913. Ernestine died August 5, 1985 in Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA, at 72 years of age. She married Curtis Berot. Curtis was the son of Edward S Berot and Aline Lavilvoierred. I know very little about Ernestine. She has been in a mental institution as long as I can remember.

child 51 vi. Abbey Joseph Falcon reference 52 was born in White Castle, La May 27, 1915. Abbey died November 3, 1973 in New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, at 58 years of age. His body was interred November 1973 in Donaldsonville, Ascension, Louisiana.. Burial place supplied by Nelson Boudreaux. He married Rowena Pourciau August 8, 1938. Abbey was more or less the black sheep of the family. He ventured in several businesses during his lifetime. At one time he had a health studio, or gym. He died in 1973 in New Orleans. He was a bank teller. He almost received a paupers funeral because no one in the family knew he was dead until it was almost too late.

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