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Mary Stewart - 12/01/00 12:15:11
My Email:indiansmary@aol.com
Where Do you Live: OHIO
What Brought You to My Page: BURTON
Hobbies: genealogy

I am looking for parents of Abner Burton who owned land in Oswego Co., N>Y> in l874.

Alisa - 11/18/00 00:14:32
My Email:taandrsn@eoni.com
Where Do you Live: Oregon
What Brought You to My Page: surnames
Hobbies: crafts

Just starting into geneology. Looking for information for Miller, but nothing looked familiar. Only have few names to go by. And don't have any dates or places either. :) Thanks.

- 10/18/00 01:32:52
My Email:Wcastoe
Where Do you Live: Davenport, Iowa
What Brought You to My Page: Coots surname
Hobbies: genealogy

Beatiful page.

kim varner eubanks - 09/10/00 13:42:03
My Email:kaetn@webtv.net
Where Do you Live: gatlinburg,tn
What Brought You to My Page: just looking around

i am a decendant of jesse rufus varner, Polk Co. Florida. I think he came somewhere around Georgia. Just looking for info.

Billie - 08/12/00 23:42:23


Joy Porter - 05/13/00 15:09:39
My Email:JOYSMITH0704@aol.com
Where Do you Live: Vancouver WA
What Brought You to My Page: Cyndi's List
Hobbies: Square Dancing, Genealogy, quilting, sewing

New to Genealogy - But trying to find data on grandparents - Frank Augusta Miller b: 1866(?) Westchester County, N.Y. m: 1885 (?) to Elizabeth Hill b: 1868(?) also Westchester County N.Y. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Jan Lee Sweatt - 04/26/00 19:50:53
My Email:JSweatt@ncma.dcr.nc.state.us
Where Do you Live: Raleigh, North Carolina
What Brought You to My Page: internet search
Hobbies: local history


mike varnfield - 03/29/00 19:24:24
My Email:barney@mvarnfield.freeserve.co.uk
Where Do you Live: northampton, england
What Brought You to My Page: interest

i am looking for the meaning of the surname varnfield and its origin if you could help me please

Roberta - 02/05/00 15:02:33
My URL:http://www.hlol.com
My Email:info@hlol.com
Where Do you Live: Maryland
What Brought You to My Page: Webster Researach

Researching the Webster lines living in Tompkins County 1800's. Cyril Webster descendant of Thomas Webster, son of Gov. John Webster and Myron Webster, descendant of Robert Webster, son of Gov. John Webster. http://www.hlol.com/webster.htm

jimmie d. green - 12/30/99 18:36:20
My Email:socor68@msn.com
Where Do you Live: oklahoma
What Brought You to My Page: looking for willis genealogy

I came to your site looking for some information on the WILLIS surname. I didn't find any information here. Do you have any information you would like to share? My WILLIS line begins with Jeremiah WILLIS in Arkansas,he was married to Mary Lucinda Lankfo d, they had at least three children John, Mary Myrtle, then William "Bill" also known as Jigsaw WILLIS.William is my great grandfather. He married Ila Mae GRAVES, they only had one child together that I know of at this time it was my grandmother Julia Mae WILLIS, who married Lewis Charles GREEN. Any information you have that you would like to share would be greatly appreciated. you may reach me at socor68@msn.com , thanks!

Pauline Rowe - 11/22/99 18:45:55
My Email:PRowe74527@aol.com
Where Do you Live: California
What Brought You to My Page: researching ROWE name
Hobbies: geneaology,

Major brickwall:My husband's paternal side. His father died in 1940-41. My husband was born in 1939 so he never knew his father's family. Father-Jesse Rowe m Frances Cheary Grandparents-Nick? m Annie Siblings-Lucy m Wiley Hembree Clyde

kurt Hamm - 11/10/99 02:57:34
My URL:http://www.hammfamily.com
My Email:kurt@hammfamily.com
What Brought You to My Page: infoseek

I am trying to get a message to Anne Coots. I found my earliest relative in Columbus, GA in a US census (1850, I think). Seems too coincidental to have Hams from the same place. I would like to coorespond and send some family tree info to see if there is a match.

Doreen Dilkes - 10/11/99 20:13:43
My Email:ddilkes@talk21.com
Where Do you Live: Stockport. England
What Brought You to My Page: Surnames
Hobbies: Family History

Hello, I am researching the Dilkes, Arstall, Fletcher, Price and Booth Family Tree. If anybody can help, thanks

Pauline Rowe - 09/24/99 17:39:24
My Email:PRowe74527@aol.com
Where Do you Live: California
What Brought You to My Page: surnames
Hobbies: genealogy, bowling, grandkids

Trying to put together my husband Cliff's family tree.His parents-Jessie Lee Rowe & Allie Cheary grandparents-Nick & Annie Rowe. Cliff, Jessie & Allie were all born in Arkansas. Jessie also had a sister Lucy and brother Clyde.

ann willis craig - 08/15/99 15:07:02
My Email:anncraig@gulftel.com
Where Do you Live: gulf shores AL
What Brought You to My Page: willis
Hobbies: geneology

Ihave been searching for information on Daniel G Willis. He died during the civil war. His son Samuel is my great grandfather. I have records of Sam and his sister Joanna and mother Elizabeth then married to James V Cooper in June of 1870 census records f r Shell Banks community in Baldwin County Alabama.Please let me know if you can help!

Diane Montgomery-Parsons - 08/05/99 22:05:20
My URL:http://genweb.net/Kentucky-Roots
My Email:dianedan@gte.net
Where Do you Live: Lexington,Ky
What Brought You to My Page: Connect with Surnames Website

Greetings from Kentucky, I had to stop by and check out your Montgomery Surnames....do not think we are related, though. Anyway, great looking homepage !

Bruce Jewett - 07/05/99 02:26:06
My Email:bc_jewett@msn.com
Where Do you Live: Belmont, CA, 94002
What Brought You to My Page: aimless wandering
Hobbies: looking for Ella

I have a book by Mrs. Ambrose Madison Willis, circa 1913, published in San Francisco CA. I think her maiden name was Ella Maud Bagley. It's a funny book and I'd like to learn more about her. If you can help, it'd be appreciated. Bruce

Bill Anderson - 06/04/99 14:58:39
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/~banderson205/
My Email:billfl@atlantic.net
Where Do you Live: Brooksville FL Was Warren Pa
What Brought You to My Page: web ring

Nice site,,I am looking for history on Giltinan,Gilman,Anderson,Powers, Vancamp and others for my web site.. THANK YOU BILL

Jo Mercer - 05/11/99 18:34:55
My Email:jmercer@redcreek.net
Where Do you Live: New York
What Brought You to My Page: Connect With Surnames
Hobbies: Genealogy,Crafts,Reading and researching

Hello; I have really enjoyed your site and felt comfortable in navigating through it. I noted many surnames we have alike but seemed to be from other areas of the U.S. At this point I did not find a connection but will come back and check further. Surnam s we have in commom are Miller,Rowe,Montgomery and Varner. Once again you have a very nice site. Jo Mercer.

josephine Mercer - 05/11/99 18:27:32
My Email:jmercer@redcreek.net
Where Do you Live: New York
What Brought You to My Page: Connect With Surnames


DEAN ROWE - 05/11/99 02:18:14
My Email:erowe53319@aol.com
Where Do you Live: TENN.
What Brought You to My Page: surfing the web
Hobbies: READING

Look for information on Rowe family from VA. to KY.mid 1800

Kathy Maggard Brotherton - 05/02/99 01:00:12
My Email:tfl3775@montana.com
Where Do you Live: montana
What Brought You to My Page: browsing

i'm looking for james monroe willis who married delano applegate,they must have divorced but he was my grandmothers father.he was born 11/4/1872 i don't know where or when he died.would love any information.

Dorothy Rowe Lampkin - 04/22/99 16:22:38
My Email:re455@flash.net
Where Do you Live: Ok
What Brought You to My Page: Rowe Family gen.

I was hoping to make a connection, bu I didn't .Enjoyed you page though. Dorothy

PK Little - 04/13/99 23:45:42
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/heartland/woods/5475
My Email:realtxgal@aol.com
Where Do you Live: Sherman, Texas
What Brought You to My Page: Genealogy
Hobbies: I love Genealogy:)

Love the cute background, and hope you keep up the good work. Feel free to visit my webpage and let me know what you think I can do to make it better. Cya....littlepk

Ron Varner - 04/01/99 06:20:08
My Email:rvarner@ns.net
Where Do you Live: near Sacramento Ca
What Brought You to My Page: searching for family ties

Avery nice page. If you happen upon any information of a "n.c. VARNER, married to Hattie Irene (WELLS) VARNER. lived in Texas (Waco). Please let me know as I have hit a brick wall. Many thanks, Ron....

- 03/01/99 08:08:30


sandra Anderson - 01/29/99 04:02:55
My Email:sandijo@magicnet.net
Where Do you Live: Florida
What Brought You to My Page: surfing
Hobbies: Geneology,crafts,writing songs

I think your sight is the warmest site I have come across.I have been searching for Miller's to but none of your names sound familar.I am searching for Miller's in Cincinati,Ohio.Louise was my Grandmother;s name and her father was Charles.Thats all I know Your site is great!!!

Billie Jean BALLENGER BURTON Reese - 01/13/99 00:14:09
My URL:http://none
My Email:PasaPeruva@aol.com
Where Do you Live: Apache Jct., AZ
What Brought You to My Page: Your surname list
Hobbies: Horses, genealogy, crafts, visiting, genealogy

I receive your Surname update list and this issue had a BURTON

Anne - 11/30/98 21:46:54
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Woods/7856/
My Email:broja@gate.net
Where Do you Live: Brooksville, Florida
Hobbies: Painting, Working on my web page

I wanted to be the first to sign your guest book, but when I was here before I hit enter before I was ready. Sorry. You have some great infomation on your Genealogy pages. Much hard work went into it. Together, we will find the rest of the Burton and W llis Families.

Jim Keck - 11/28/98 16:38:03
My Email:jkeck@kdsi.net
Where Do you Live: Norfolk, NE
What Brought You to My Page: You

Looks like a lot of hard work. I'm proud of you.

Anne - 11/22/98 22:43:18
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Woods/7856/
My Email:broja@gate.net
Where Do you Live: Brooksville, FL


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