-- Desperately Seeking Help in Missouri --

Assistance is needed in tracking down the descendants of Russell Renaud born circa Nov. 1902 in River Canard, Essex County, Ontario, Canada.

Russell was thought to be living in the St. Louis, Missouri area in the 1930s. His sister Florence purchased a farm for Russell because he had a growing family. Pictured to the right are two of Russell's boys. Unfortunately, Russell did not keep in close communication with his siblings in Canada, but he did send this picture of his twin boys. Twins ran in the Renaud family as can be witnessed by tracing the family genealogy. In addition to Russell, his sister Marie Euphrasia (Flossie) had a set of twins. His other sister, Mary Regina, had grandchildren who were twins.

Though he is clean shaven in the picture to the right, Russell did have a mustache in the 1930s. Other clues is that the Social Security Death Index shows a Russell Renaud dying around March 30, 1994 in St. Louis. Does anyone know if this is my Russell Renaud. Could someone check a newspaper for me?

Pictures of Russell's parents and siblings can be found by clicking here. If you have any leads on where Russell's children and/or grandchildren might be living, or if you have any information about them, please Email or call me (219-631-7763).

Russell Renaud
Russell's twin boys
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